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  • mdkdhk mdkdhk Aug 22, 2011 5:46 PM Flag

    tired of double digit increases

    every year comcast has increased my rates by double digits...When I call and ask why I can't get the same deal as new subscribers the rep says"that's the way it is".

    Now they want to increase me by 25%.

    I hate to mess with my pc but I will be contacting AT and T.

    Comcast has to be losing alot of subscribers.

    Apparently they don't care...these guys have made over 9,000 dollars off me in the 5 plus years.........

    How much do they spend to get a new subscriber??

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    • Cut the cord 4 months ago. Traded for Tivo for DVR functionality (19.99/mo) and the OTA HD antenna came free with Tivo at Best Buy, got a Roku box ($99 one time) and subscribed to Hulu and Netflix (less than $20/month for both. One show we watch via HDMIing the laptop to the TV as well as a certain college football team when they are on ESPN3 streaming. I am now essentially paying $40/month as opposed to Comcasts $140/month for 95% the same content. Only killer was the kids miss Spongebob and a couple Disney Channel shows but I certainly don't and they fill their time with other things.

      I'm pleased with my OTA and streaming content. Yes it's not as "clean" as comcast but during the occasional OTA pixelation or the occasional streaming pause, I think how much I love my extra $100/month.

      The company loses 250k cable subscribers per quarter and their revenue increases are due to conversions to triple play and increased rates. That can't go on for much longer.

      With holidays coming up and nearly all those newly purchased TVs, DVD players, game consoles and tablet computers coming with streaming providers, I estimate January being a bad month for CMCSA- at a minimum people dropping all the movie channels.

    • If verizon fios is available get it, it is on a whole 'nother level.

      I struggled with comcasts poor box quality, poor customer service, and high prices for years.

      Fios finally became available in my area and everything from internet speed to picture quality to price to customer service is fantastic.

    • To be sure there are legit operating costs to cover but the real rate kicker comes from the ratings turned in by content (programming)providers which give them the leverage to demand outrageous fees that have to be passed on to subscribers and advertisers. Especially egregious is major league sports. There may be relief coming with a move in the cable industry to provide "ala carte" subscriptions (subscriber choses individual channels on a monthly basis. No bundling; volume sicount maybe but no more having to get "church, shopping, and 'The View' [gag me] if all you care about is football and The Disney channel [that would be weird but just an example]. Anyway, all the cableers need a way to differentiate themselves from over-the-air and satellite. When content is similar they need to compete seriously on price for what EACH consumer wants.

    • They should all be in prison for the lies they tell.

    • NO)!!!!!!!!!

    • Let us know how AT&T works out for ya.

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