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  • mr10001 mr10001 Nov 3, 2011 10:54 AM Flag

    Xfinity-turned my HD TV to Analog

    I missed your uninformed reply.
    Nothing is 'free'
    Last month I needed 1 digital box.
    My other 2 digital TVs, when connected directly to the cable received all the channels and also the 'Free' broadcast HD channels.
    Now I need a 'free' (only 2) adaptor to get their signal and no 'free' broadcast HD. Their customer service said I could take the adaptor off and connect direct when I want to see 'free' hd on the other TVs.

    You win the stupid post award.

    BTW did you see their numbers?
    If it wasn't for Netflix they could win the;

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    • No, you still win the stupidist post award. Your point was about your analog channels 13+. You get 2 free adaptors and you didn't have HD with your analog. If you want HD you have to pay. I guess where you work, you give things away free? Quit your whining, you only want something for nothing!!

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      • I will try to be clear;

        The broadcast networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc. all send digital signals thru the air, they also send HD.

        The cable companies grab the signals and agreed to include the HD as part of a package.

        TW, Brighthouse, Charter, WOW still include it with their cable service.

        Comcast changed their system to encrypt the signals and stop people from getting the HD thru their adaptors.

        I am not looking for something for free, I just want them to give back what they originally delivered.
        Just like the other cable companies.

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