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  • bdxpk bdxpk Nov 11, 2011 9:17 AM Flag

    As fios grows comcast is done for

    Just switched and its not even a comparison, Fios is much much better, and my bill went down by 50%.

    If you are thinking about switching think no longer.

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    • phoneman72. Recognize that I think poorer of Comcast than I do of Verzion for mgmt, sve etc. you are all wet. There is little if any distinction between the two on quality of service, except I am aware of horror stories with cmcsa phone service in parts of Philadelphia (form cmcsa employees with the service).

      both have pockets of bad service. I doubt that you would see many exchanges based on quality of service from cmcsa to vz.

      both have their good investment points, that's why I am here. Both have their challenges. I was at a friends home in N NJ. His neighbor was having FiOS installed. 3 Techs there most of the day and on the phone frequently with a 4th tech for installation. Oh, the 4th tech was also a FiOS installer, not the CO. 2nd day two installers were there for about 3.5 hours. Oh, and that was 3 bucket trucks in front of the house.

      Yes, I also know horror stories with cmcsa and t. you are barking up the wrong tree.

      Kinda like the digital analog arguments in the late 70's and early 80's for pbx.

    • Dan I am retired from verizon.Just making a point that fios is much better quality service. As far as attacking verizon management, the management at verizon no longer comes up from the ranks and does not know the job that a craftperson performs.

    • Phoneman_72, I am not a fan of Comcast, they have substandard customer service, horrific stories of installations gone bad, poor relationship management with their customer base. When I look at Verizon, all I need to do is to replace, or interchange Verizon with Comcast. This industry has a terrible reputation. For every good and bad at Comcast, there is a good and bad at Verizon (think NYNEX, or NY Telephone - Argggghhhhhhh).

      Why is it that a Verizon Union employee like yourself (based on your Verizon posts) is so occupied with Comcast? What is it that you fear. Verizon's territory does overlap that much of Comcasts. Is there something that you know that we don't that causes you to repetitively post on this site attacking Comcast and demonstrating your lack of industry knowledge.

      If what Verizon does is so good, can you explain your attacks on Verizon management on the Verizon board, and why Comcast is not unionized?

      Help us all to understand. Oh, I like Comcast less than Verizon, just wondering about you! Job in jeopardy?

    • Now boys, be nice.
      Suppose we let the market decide which is preferrable product based on their perceived VALUE of the respective offerings. Whichever offering dominates based on subscriptions and revenue within a shared subsciber pool wins. Easy? Certainly. Now drink you milk, have cookie and behave.

    • Of course fios is growing, they started from zero. Meanwhile the MSO's have a long history to which they built their customer base. Everyone offers beacon deals to get you in the door but prices are short-term and eventually increase to the same point as other providers.

    • Nope. Maybe 10 years ago. Whats that connection on the back of the Fios box? right. RF.
      I cant tell you the number of issues Ive seen with dirty fiber. Oh, dont make me cut and paste. I'll bet the house, your a Comcast reject arent you? You were a lineman right? A guy who strings cable? you couldnt make it doing that? I'm supposed to listen to your "technical" advice?
      Tell everyone about the Fios customers in Oregon again. I love hearing that story.
      haha, Charter.

    • I switched back to Comcast from Fios and the picture quality is the same, but my telephone quality is much better than the fios digital.

      I had fios for three years and I can say that Comcast picture quality was inferior to fios three years ago, but xfinity is just as good as fios and the package deal gives us more free premium channels.

      By the way the main reason that I left fios is that they screwed up my bill and I had to spend an hour on the phone every month for the past year and I finally gave up on them.

    • I called comcast complaining about the increase in my triple play that was going to cost $196. Mentioned the promotions for new clients and asked if they could apply that to an old customer.
      They offered the same pkg I had for $109 for one year and $124 for the second year. They will also mail me free of charge an HD box (I already have one)

      Hard to beleive but u dont know till u ask...

      No way I will drop Comcast for anything else on the market yet

    • skinney believe what you want,and by all means cut and paste your reply if you are that lazy. Fios is 100% better than comcast. Maybe you can't read and that is why you are having trouble with the guide. lol

    • And how long have you worked for Verizon? They have already done comparisions, side by side, and there is no difference. Sell your stock everyone, this guy quit!!!

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