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  • dan2003hr dan2003hr Dec 12, 2011 4:43 PM Flag

    Droop and One

    Droop, on your there can be only one, have you seen the VZ Chairman's latest quotes regarding FiOS? Seems it will not be the priority that it once was for VZ. Bodes well for Cable Companies. Since VZ and CMCSA do not overlap that much, it will not be as grand a bargain as for other Cable Companies. Wonder what T will do regarding their strategic future, Competitive cable carriers are good for consumers.

    Your previous there can be only one may come quicker than anticipated.

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    • They are talking to each other all right. Oh wait, maybe not.
      Sail that cheap crappy boat off into the sunset in the new year would yu?

    • Are you investing in natural gas? (no adolescent humor required).

      Oil should do well and with a normal world economy, 2012 should be a good year. ok, yes, what is normal? Not sure that this dog will do anything more than continue to float with the tide. Interesting that vz and t seem to be getting it. (ignoring that $2 bit from vz). NY cable co's will do better than Phil.

      My view is a portfolio growth of 6% to 8%, with the possibility of 10% for 2012. Nice if this dog would contribute.

      While I do not completely agree with you, have to admit my early support of cmcsa seems to have been misplaced. However, I have ridden the rise quite nicely, question is how much more can it go and will it beat some of my other previous dogs like celg which is well on its way to where I think it should be.

      2012 will tell, good investing. Hmmm if we are the same person, then we will have the same great results.

      anyway, Happy New Year!!!!!! I do admit to enjoying the rising oil price comparisons. Gotta have a sense of humor.

    • I still waiting for oil to hit. It wouldn't be long! Water been treating me good!

    • must be, somebody I remember posted that! How is that oil tracking doing for ya?

      Do have a Happy and Safe New Year!

      Ooopss. since you are me, but I am not you, that must mean you are wishing me a happy New Year. If so, thanks and the same to you!

      :-) May this three legged dog rise in 2012, as long as I retain shares.

    • Dan,
      You sure we are not one in the same?

      • 1 Reply to DroopMan_98
      • Droop, it is Joseph not Dan. D.A.N.2003H.R refers to my support for autism and the HR Bill and year.

        I see VZ as a much better long term investment than CMCSA, as they are more innovative and are looking outside the box. FiOS will be a mistake and you may be right that it is sold off to say cmcsa or someone else. Future technology does not support existing infrastructures. The question is one of timing.

        As an investment vehicle I am becoming a bit disillusioned with comcsa, they just can't get out of their way. Limited growth, limited new technologies and limited dividends. Employees with now tell us what is happening with the OCTO area and others, with net that investors are being told will little results to their portfolios.

        it will be interesting to see how in investors eyes, cmcsa rebounds when the market rebounds. IMHO we need to get Obama and his ilk out before that happens, so we could be a year away. I like vz thinking out of the box. The $2 divi doesn't hurt nor does t and their penny a quarter increase. Both t and vz provide me with a greater than 6% divi return plus equity, while this dog just sits in the patch sniffing itself.

    • I read it. MY GUESS : "They plan to offer a two tier system. FiOS in richer neighborhoods and an alternative in less affluent areas." I am thinking IP based, humm maybe wireless? They would need a lot of airwaves bandwidth for that. Where could they possibly get it? Any ideas Dan. Price is going to be the driving factor in video service and basic IP service. If you want the power of FiOS it will come at a higher cost.

      I like Comcast don't get me wrong. They are good at what they do, but do you see growth or is this a dividend plan? If it is a dividend play is a good! Better than T or VZ?

      If I was an investor I would buy, sell or hold on a statement from VZ officer.

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