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  • sathood sathood Jan 6, 2012 9:14 AM Flag

    thanx Comcast - 2012 rate increase

    So you do your annual increase of 5% along with your annual deletion of 1-2 channels. This year though removal of TCM was the last straw. Is there anything going on in between Brian Robert's ears!!! Will switch to DirectTV, I needed that push.

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    • LOLOL!

      Capitalism in action! Shove it to the customers as much as you can!

      And not only that... On top of ever-increasing appetite for more more more from the customer, the company makes its billing system so complicated, and so confusing, that when the bill/charge is wrong, the customer cannot see it right away, and by the time it gets noticed, it has gone so far out and has taken quite some time to imbed in the system, that your chance to dispute has expired, and now you must pay - no matter what the amount is, and no matter how you feel, or how bad the mistake was. Of course I am speaking from experience! :-).

      How did I solve it? I walked out, and did not pay - period!

      In fact, I was surprised that COMCAST did not make it to one of the 10 most hated companies this year, which it always had the honor to belong to in many previous years!

      This is troubling sign.... many other companies worse than CMCSA??!! Wow! Scary!

      Or, is it because the new name is XFINITY and the customer is still confused?!

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      • OMG! I just found out why CMCSA dodged the title of "Most Hated Company" this year.

        Here's the story...

        Here's part of the article - read the last paragraph:
        It isn't easy being a cable and Internet service provider these days.

        Penny-pinching consumers are turning to cheaper options. Television broadcasters and networks are demanding more money out of the cable companies, and couch potatoes are tired of paying for dozens if not hundreds of channels that they will never watch.

        Then we get to performance. When customers are paying nearly $100 for digital cable packages -- and far more than that when bundled with Internet connections and broadband telephone services -- they demand flawless uptime.

        It's not a realistic expectation, and it's why you will often see cable companies and wireless carriers among the most hated companies in the country.

        I'm not kidding. Comcast (CMCSK) was actually last year's winner in's annual Worst Company in America contest. It's being accused of dodging the distinction this time around by asking employees to vote multiple times for its competition.

        Wow! What can I say... is this the new norm, new corporate culture, new democracy, the new America?


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