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  • truth_in_nyc truth_in_nyc Jan 10, 2012 7:27 PM Flag

    Will CMCSA hit 30 this year?


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    • Yes it has.

    • It should end up near $33 this year. It will be slow though.. There are a bunch of Hedge fund managers like ARGUS who are short this stock and will fight it's ascent.. But it will keep climbing..

    • For every whiny customer like you there are a thousand of happy customers for Comcast.'

      I do love people who demand proof then make a statement with nothing but hot air. I doubt that there are so many "happy campers" as customers. It is more like one does not really have much of a choice. I stated that I need comcast becasue it really is the only computer connection but my blackberry might just provide relief in that matter. If the 4 g works then bye bye comcast and I will not need to deal with the worse phone service on the planet.

      Good luck with your stock price but if you want something that will shine look at the gold and silver. They have been kicked to death in the last few months and they will explode shortly IMHO.

    • couldn't agree more! I am a happy customer as well, although not an investor "yet". looking to nibble at the stock though.. This board sure became a board for those "naggy" complainers and the trolls from verizon and elsewhere..

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      • This board sure became a board for those "naggy" complainers and the trolls from verizon and elsewhere..'

        WOW I am a troll because I stated I thought the phone system was terrible. One guy stated that they have million of customers so I should just accept that they are taking money out of my credit card each month and I am not getting credit for it. For that matter I am a troll not to like it. What planet do you livin go. Go ahead and invest on that guys statement that millions are customers. I see a lot of dishes on roofs and those numbers can change in a hurry. I know no one that likes the system only those that have no real choice. If you want the internet you get comcast. FIOS will be along in a couple years in my location but my son had it a few miles away and he liked it. It was a lot less money and they actually gave he credit when they took his money. A novel idea for comcast to pick up.

    • Please do not discuss actual stock or financial topics here. The yahoo board is reserved for cable trouble call complaints or political ranting. Yes, i think Comcast is in a strong strategic position and the stock has a good chance of moving to $30.

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      • Hello, are you an investor in Comcast? I am and a customer. My service has been great and I have phone, Internet, and HD video. With 22,000,000 customers I'm sure there are going to be issues somewhere. For every one compainer like you there are probably hundreds of happy customers like me. No one on this board cares about your issues. This is an investor forum. Go complain to your neighbor who really doesn't want to hear it either.

      • cable trouble call complaints'

        Hello. Do you not think the terrible phone handling is not going to cause the price to change? You should try the offensive system that they have. You can press a bunch of numbers then finally get the kiss of death dial tone.

        I thought other companies had bad systems but you should try to get a problem solved dealing with the existing system. I would not have comcast if I could get an acceptable computer system into my house. I know in my second house we have a choice and I picked direct TV. It is cheaper and I have not have a problem. I never got to make 15 calls for bad picture on the tv. I have not had to sit and wait for endless service calls and the putting and taking out of cable in my house only to eventually learn that they had a bad piece of equipment a block away. I learned that from my neighbor when telling him about the pain the rear comcast was. I noticed he has a dish on his roof now.

        So pardon my using this board to mention to someone who wonders what kind of company comcast happens to be. I know i am ranting but I cannot call them up and tell them that they stink.

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