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  • tomsep5 tomsep5 Jan 12, 2012 1:16 PM Flag

    Terrible phone service

    I just had a terrible experience with Comcast. I thought some comapnies had bad telephone serivce but I really can not believe the horror of this company. I called and they gave me another number to address the issue. After the terrible hundred phone presses I ended up getting disconnected.
    I called again and it ended up the same way.

    I cannot tell you hod bad the service was but I will tell you that if it was not for the computer I would have a dish on my roof. I am very much thinking it it time to dump this over price pig of a a company who feels that it is not worth hiring a foreigner to at least pretend that they care about their customers.

    Screw you and that horror of a phone system.

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    • "I cannot tell you hod bad the service was..."

      Ummm...maybe because it wasn't? Why do you feel the need to go on a stock message board and crab about Comcast's Interactive Voice Response system (the one where you have to push all those numbers)?

      Seriously, dude? A hundred phone presses? Next time, either push zero to get an operator, or don't push anything, and someone should answer. Even IVR systems have to accomodate rotary phones, which don't have any buttons to press.

      Posts like yours strike me as suspicious primarily because you don't post complaints about a company on their stock page unless you have an ulterior motive for doing so. If you have any brains at all, you send an email to the corporate site, or to the local office, or to the BBB for crying out loud. SOMEPLACE that can actually HELP you.

    • wow. i heard the same from others.

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