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  • fredgreenley fredgreenley Jan 30, 2012 7:45 PM Flag

    Ever witness a short squeeze rally?

    Short squeeze? Big rally? Well, in less that two days this stock listed below is about to experience a short squeeze rally.
    Recently even the Motley Fools spoke out in favor of Corinthian Colleges with a buy recommendation. That's the word going around the internet.
    Read this posting below.
    Breaking News – (it’s worth a serious look - for fun or for profit)
    Corinthian Colleges – COCO comes out with its quarterly earnings report on February 1, 2012

    Yahoo – Message board – for Corinthian Colleges

    Many are expecting Corinthian Colleges stock to rally higher “with a stampede of COCO short sellers fleeing to cover their short positions before the earnings are announced. Huge numbers of bargain hunters and speculators are expected to buy COCO stock on Tuesday 1/31/12, just before COCO earnings are announced.

    COCO earnings are expected to beat estimated earnings in growth and in earnings.

    There are almost 25 million shares of COCO that are currently shorted.
    It is currently estimated that it would take about 24 days of trading to cover all of those COCO shorts out there.

    “If all those shorts decided on Tuesday to cover before the COCO earnings report comes out, “we could be looking at $8.00 or higher for just one share of COCO” -- some brokers are speculating that COCO could even hit $10.00 to $12.00 as many short sellers rush to buy COCO stock in the open stock market to cover all those millions upon millions of shorts (in just two days).

    The total float for
    Corinthian Colleges = is 76.93 Million shares
    There are almost 25 million shares of COCO that are currently shorted
    (you do the math)

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