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  • pavlovs_robot pavlovs_robot Feb 14, 2012 10:36 PM Flag

    Comcast refuses to disconnect my cable service since august

    Perusing the msg board after voicing my complaint the past cpl days about the "upgrade" in the Va/D.C. area and happened uon this.

    I did work for CC for 18 mos in the New Eng area which oddly enough was under the Central Region, for whatever reason I can't recall.

    I worked inbound sales calls, but for a few months 'did time' taking Cust Serv inbound calls. - There are a crap-load of cust complaints no doubt, but, I did find Comcast was fair and reasonable to customers with legit complaints. ( I was going to say fair and balanced but why open that Pandora's box huh? )

    But they are a corporation, every penny counts, and this is America..right?

    A big problem IMO is in the inbound sales dept you were constantly being squeezed harder and harder to get every penny out of every customer on every call. Or you would pay the price, financially and pressure-wise weekly or daily from lower mngmnt.
    Every call was recorded and.. hmmn ,well, I'm not going to get into much more detail..but suffice to say hopefully last night's meal was no problem because even our bathroom breaks, ( called Bio-Breaks ) were timed, and mandated strictly, even down to the seconds at times.

    But beyond that I had a friend that worked for VZ on their outside sales and from what he told me they sounded more problematical for customers as far as cust relations, billing
    issues, and installation nightmares.

    It all of course comes down to the Almighty dollars and I expect it may get worse rather than better for customers with both companies.

    Comcast was good and fair to me as an employee, but the Corporate pressures while I was there caused a HUGE employee malaise, and I had to leave for sanity's sake.

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