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  • masson111681 masson111681 Mar 3, 2012 2:47 PM Flag

    Service and Pricing

    Moved this week.
    Got to cancel and return the equipment !

    Overpriced with the worst customer service - ever !

    A happy day for me !

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    • I have been a Comcast customer and stockholder off and on for many years. Managed to make some money on the stock, so happy there.
      As a customer that is another story. Basic service has been OK. They did a good job getting back online when Hurricane Ike came through Houston. But the thing that drove me away as a customer is when they outsourced their tech support to India. Their customers are in N. America, yet they send jobs overseas. I did not see a drop in my monthly bill when the outsourced those jobs. Hello AT&T Uverse

    • Comcast is the best cable company out there. I once switched to Verizon for a month and regretted every minute of it. Verizon never sent a final bill and then had the nerve to hand my account over to bill collection agency. If you like your customer service in the form of zombie computers, use Verizon. If you like your customer service to be housed in Mumbai, use RCN. Comcast isn't perfect, but it's head and shoulders above the rest. Good luck.

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      • You appear to be quiet the exception and I don't question what happened to you.

        However, rather than gauge by your individual experience, I suggest the board followers refer to the 2012 June issue of Consumer Reports pgs 20-21.

        For bundled telecom services, Comcast was ranked 12 of 14. For Internet services, Comcast was ranked 26 of 31. For Phone Service, Comcast was ranked 17 of 25. For TV service, Comcast was ranked 13 of 15.

    • 8am tomorrow their equipment goes back. They lie and are the worst in my 60 years of dealing with ultilities. They brag about being the largest, but forget about the worst when it comes to of their customers.
      Verizon etc... will over take this entity and it will be the next MCI of yester year.
      Had Cox for 34 years on both coasts and never had the customer relation hassles that COMCAST hands out.
      Sell and buy a customer service orientated ultility which will be around longer than COMCAST!!! D

    • Congratulations on your ability to shed this schlock outfit. (At present,I am too far removed from DSL, but the world continues to change. And line-of-site towers are also going up close to where I now live.)

      The service in our neighborhood has just been restored after being out for 60 hours. The same weather that knocked out our cable knocked out our power which is on the same distribution poles. The power was restored in less than five hours and at the time of restoration, the weather was still bad and dark.

      I find it extremely ironic that Comcast strives to bundle TV, internet and phone services together when it is the most unreliable utility around. Bundle this and expect to be without the ability to communicate with any one when you need it most.

      Additionally, it is a long distance phone call to me to report outages from my land line. And given the undermanned staffing of Comcast, one can expect interminable waits to report outages. And while you wait, you are forced to listen to the endless diatribe about how "wonderful" Comcast is.

      Again, congratulations on not having to endure on of the most detested companies in the U.S. It made the Final Four in a March Madness Parody of America's Worst companies.

      Oh, did mention they raised my rates $24 since January without adding anything.

    • bye bye. Enjoy the competition. I'm sure you will find that they answer the phone in timely fashion and take care of your every need.

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