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  • robtl robtl Apr 27, 2012 9:40 AM Flag

    Comcast - worst service

    What gets me about Comcast is it's complete lack of reliable service. Their cable, internet, and telephone service is frequently down either completely or intermittently. Even when up, their digital signal strength is poor. Apparently, they are a good investment only because of their monopolistic position.

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    • At the risk of sounding like a devils advocate, I have to say that I have had Comcasts home internet service since early 1995, and more recently their small business service at my work and I cant say enough good things about them. As much as I hear that their service is down with other people, my home service has had a total of four tech calls since 1995 ( one for lightning, another for squirrels in the box ) and my business has yet to drop. ( we have both internet and phones. ) So in so much as I hear how bad they are, their internet is the fastest out of the three providers we've had in the past, and as mentioned, I have yet to have a problem with reliability. Could it be that certain areas are just poorly wired?

      I supposed that I just dont get what all the hubub is about with down service, and dropped connections since I encounter it so rarely.

      I think those here that cry so loudly, are more in the minority, and may have an agenda behind their cries.


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      • I'm happy for you. To get specific "Ocean County NJ" their service sucks. I have to admit the most frustrating thing is these new CISCO DVRs. I have swapped them many times. Just did one last week. MY main TV has been swapped 5 time alone and is still not working properly. Instead of driving to their office this time I will call ask for a new box and explain this is my last try for if it does not work, I will go for the 3play with Verison even though the TV part is DirectTV. Moved here 4 years ago.. Had cablevision in lower NY state and never, never never had these problems.

      • There's you and there's Consumer Reports.

        Who do suppose represents the larger sample?

    • Be glad you have Comcast. Charter cable is the absolute worst cable company ever.
      With Apple and ESPN teaming up to stream channels that you pay for individually the end of cable TV is near.

    • Totally agree! The service to customers is horrible. I was a Cox Cable customer since 1977 and never had the intermittent signal hassles like Comcast puts out. Matter of fact, Cox does not require boxes for each tv, just plug the cable into any of the wall connections and the cable works without intermittent interruptions. The intermittent signals, degregates the TV to the point of comprimizing the manufacturers warrenty; again, the customer is paying the price for their inadequacies of providing a dependable service.
      They will not give a refund for lack of services unless the customer keeps all the records and spends more than an hour providing them with the information.
      I say go Apple, Century Link or Verizon and sell SELL SELL before all customers are gone. Too many unhappy customers. D

    • As far as the reliability situation, it would appear that the inclusion of Xfinity Security would be another breakable egg in the porous bundled Comcast basket.

      During an emergency, when a person would need it most, it would be unavailable and potential burglars or looters would have free rein to do what they wanted to with impunity.

      BOHICA, Comcast is at your service.

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