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  • wjc900 wjc900 Nov 18, 2012 11:11 AM Flag

    Buggy whip company

    My thought on Comcast is that it will go down as a buggy whip company. Many right now, including Apple, are working on a whole new way to view TV and it will cost almost nothing compared to Comcast fee's.
    Can anyone tell me why they believe different, as I am about to place some short option spreads on this company and timing is critical.

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    • How will it cost almost nothing? What content are you talking about? You must not know costs to carry good content. Comcast pays providers, such as ESPN, Disney, Discovery, locals, etc., a per subscriber monthly charge. How do you expect to get around that? Go ahead and short, I will thank you later!

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      • I will counter your arguement about content, what % does that cost compared to building and maintaining infrastructure that will no longer be required, how much does service cost them, how many of thier trucks do you see on the road that would be eliminated. Two different views make a market, let me know how much you will thank me in 2 years. You see the air ways are mostly free of cost,and content, well you tell me how much that will cost.

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