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  • farmeralfalfa farmeralfalfa Nov 28, 2012 4:57 PM Flag

    Morning Joke

    That guy Scarbourough claims to be a Republican and a conservative yet he spent all of 2012 bashing Republicans. Line them up and he knocked them down: Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, Herm Cain. THe thing is , Joke's boy, John Huntsman, did even worse than Ron Paul in the debates and primaries. Morning Joke abandoned the Republican party because HIS BOY Huntsman didn't get the nomination. Mr. Morning Joke, you bashed Republicans all year for their lousy campaigns, yet your guy Huntsman ran the worst campaign of all. I quit watching Morning Joke about three weeks before the general election when I finally figured out that Scarborough has become just another big media frat boy. He sets up the conservative talking points and then sits and chuckles while his think-tank progressive panelists knock them down. REAL conservatives don't even get a look in on Morning Joke. He loves the cocktail party circuit in Manhattan. Oh, and SHUT UP about the Yankees and Red Sox already!

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    • he's at it again. This morning the Joke spent 45 minutes smooching with Newt Gingrich's fat one. Newt, the man Scab-bourough repeatedly blasted during the Republican primaries last year. Yes, Newt was "a lousy candidate," he should "stop pandering to the tea partyists," he "can't win against Obama," and "he's just selling books." Fast forward to this morning and Newt is now an elder statesman of the Republican Party, he knows how the party should position itself for the debt ceiling debate. It is fascinating how two-faced some of these talking heads can be.

    • Mr. Farmer, the story at the national convention was that A.M. Joe was on the short list of possible press secretaries in a Huntsman administration. And it was a very, very short list ;)

      I wouldn't get so upset about his and similar shows. For the most part they are just preaching to the choir.

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