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  • tride26 tride26 Feb 19, 2013 3:32 PM Flag

    cancelled my Comcast service and shorted the stock

    after being a Comcast subscriber for 14+yrs i just cancelled my service and am going 100% with internet TV to save myself $43 per month.
    i also shorted CMCSA back last week ahead of the GE announcement, so i'm down 6% already.

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    • Those who remain are going to ask for a discount. I initially signed up in Dec 2011for $29.99 for 6 mo, then the price started trending north such that by Aug 2012 I was paying $56 for Internet, then it accelerated to $69 by Dec. I called and downgraded to 3mbps. When I tried uploading photos from old computer to google drive it took 9 hours. I was shocked, so I did a speedtest on my Tmobile android vs Comcast xfinity cable. I was getting under 1mbps on cable and over 3mbps on phone. I called to cancel and they said they would sign me up for Blast plus, supposedly TV plus Internet for $79, but would give $10 and then another $39 vids count for a year. After that rate goes to $49.

      There are many like me being jerked around and we are fed up. If cell phone carriers unleash unlimited 5 Mbps services, Cmcs is toast.

      Do not get blast plus, the TV is no different than over the air, and you get the stupid box which does no allow you to delete channels you do not need, so you can scroll better. All you see is access not allowed 60% of the time. I disconnected box, called the to cancelled the $7 Voice something something month fee and dusted out a 5 year old modem, works just fine.

      Don't even get me started on the Indian customer service, Arggggghhh, they waste more time fumbling around and calling you sir and repeating "I understand , when they absolutely do not nderstand"

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