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  • davidmpatterson0 davidmpatterson0 Sep 12, 2013 3:23 AM Flag

    How can CMCSA's stock rise when there are so many unhappy customers?

    Currently, I am having extremely slow Internet issues with Comcast. I have called many times over the past month, returning dead CMs, etc. I am an unhappy customer, (and am looking for anything more reliable). Looking onto the Internet (on another computer, of course!), I noted that there are also an enormous amount of unhappy customers with many complaints against Comcast, yet Comcast's stock seems to be going up anyway. What gives? Perhaps I'm not so business-savvy, but I do know that if I had a business with that many voraciously angry customers, I don't think I'd even be IN business, let alone have stock that anyone would want to buy. Sincerely, Frustrated.

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    • Comcast has the most incompetent agents, system, and screwups imaginable. I've spent literally hundreds of hours over the past years dealing with their screwups and seemingly purposeful attempts to cheat the customer. Regardless of what their stock does, they are a ruthless company that tries in every possible way, to keep raising rates, providing poor service, and having agents that are clueless and often brainless, and hang up on you 70% of the time you call. This I can tell you with complete assuredness - as I've been the victim of it over and over and over again.

    • Cable won the war - you missed it.

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    • You might want to take a class on how the stock market works. I'll give you a hint though, some angry idiots on the internet don't determine a company's stock price.

    • Maybe you are using more bandwidth than you are technically allowed, hehe...stop watching so much porn. Or maybe it's your computer that has a whole bunch of spy ware on it. Or maybe your computer just stinks. In any case, Comcast is more than just a cable company, it's also a media company. They did well on last earnings report. NBCUniversal is doing well and holding their own ever since the buyout with the films they produced this year and theme parks are also doing well.

    • Short Comcast, if you have the balls...

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