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  • peskydude peskydude Aug 30, 2007 10:51 AM Flag

    Lightening is 700 HP? wow that is incredible

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    • then end of lightening?
      The ‘Nemesis’ has broken the UK electric car land-speed record – reaching 151 mph. The existing record of 137mph was set by Don Wales, grandson of legendary speed-merchant Sir Malcolm Campbell.
      The Nemesis is the result of nearly two years’ hard work by an ‘A-team’ of ex-motorsport engineers, with the brief from Ecotricity founder and MD Dale Vince to “blow the socks off Jeremy Clarkson and smash the stereotype of electric cars”.
      The result is awesome: faster than a V12 Ferrari, 0-100mph in 8.5 seconds and a top speed of 170mph. All powered entirely from the wind. Or to be more precise by green electricity produced by Ecotricity’s windmills and delivered by the grid.

    • There is a update link in the story that is worth reading.

      After we posted the initial information on the Lightning GT yesterday, we contacted Arthur Wolstenholme, the Technical Director at the Lightning Car Company, to get more information on the new car. At this time they only have gas engine powered prototypes running that are being used for chassis development. The first battery-powered version should be running later this year.

      The Lightning GT engineers won't have to worry about working out the blending of the regenerative braking and friction braking because there is no friction braking. The Lightning will rely entirely on regen from the wheel motors. For those of you high-performance electric car enthusiasts that were hoping to see this as an alternative to the Tesla Roadster, don't hold your breath to see this one come across the pond any time soon.

      The Tesla will look cheap by comparison with an initial price estimate of �150,000 (roughly $300,000) the Lightning will definitely be only for the thick-walleted greenie. Lightning is clearly looking to recoup the entire cost of the Altairnano batteries and composite structure up front rather than selling clean air credits like Phoenix. No annual volume estimates are available until they see how many orders and how many batteries they can get. Initially the cars will be available in the UK only with a left hand drive version for the continent coming after that. If the company survives that they will consider the US market and what it would take to certify the car here.

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      1. Ouch; that's even higher than I expected!

      With Tesla's arrival in Europe virtually inevitable, the Lightning won't be around long. It'll be a hot collectors car someday, though ;)

      More info at link below.

    • Can't help noticing the 250 miles on a charge claim, are they planning to use a battery that hasn't been announced yet?

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      • I am not sure if anyone would know on this board, but if I were to guess, I'd say the Lightening should be a heck of a lot lighter than the SUV or the SUT.

        I am not sure what the body composition of the car is but that should give us an idea of the weight of the car.

        So maybe adding more battery packs combined with the reduce chassis weight can give us a better range.

        Also Dr. Gotcher made a couple of statement about the SUT and how it's possible to make it more efficient. So maybe they learned something from Phoenix and raised the efficiency, combined it with more batteries and lowered the weight of the car to get > 200 miles.

        Part of me hopes the new battery design by Evan is what is going to be rolled out in the Lightening :-)

    • This is a photo of the wheel in Lightening.

      Is this what Regen brakes look like on the outside? or is this something else?

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