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  • usarccoman98 usarccoman98 Oct 18, 2011 11:42 AM Flag

    Good Folks My predictions

    The 3rd quarter numbers will out out on Nov 3, 2011, the loss IMHO will be -11 cents a share. Yes another whopping loss. For those of you who are newbies keep in mind this is their (ALGI) history. Don't even think about the word profit always think about the future that never comes. Will it ever get better...well I think not even in spite of what the "one star queen" says. Please be very, very wary of ALGI inasmuch as this company has hurt alot of good honest folks over the past many many many years..
    Good investing to all of you, well those of you that are still here.
    Fey I wish you the best but please be careful.

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    • My oh my how time flies. Here we are again waiting for ALGIs financial numbers. I will once again say as I have said for the past 13 or so years that ALGI will show another loss. Sorry but that is the truth. Only the newbies who think they have found a great stock will support them. Even the old pumper Revo had to slide away in shame when he finally realized that ALGI had never and will never make a single "thin dime in profit."
      Be wary good folks. My very best to all of you.
      PS Hey who has the shovel??

    • Next week Nov 3rd (if I am correct) will be truth day once again. I think it is going to be brutal for shareholders. Oh well this ALGI and this is what we signed up for with our hard earned money.
      Good investing to all of you and have a great day.
      As always be careful with this stock.

    • So good to hear from you both. a long absence of humor on this board!
      I met the real Mark Skousen and even purchased his book ... The Making of Modern Economics. A little too noetic for me.
      (I think he forgot to name you .... perhaps when you get out of jail ... you will get your due recognition.) How is it your in jail and The Esteemed Dr. Long is sipping mint julips at his dockside thinking of scaming other investors? Oh yes ... thats right I forgot ... he says he was never convicted of anything illegal. Tut tut.
      drop by once in a blue moon ... to give the board some levity.

    • usar ... thanks ... but odi has lost some credibility this year... so i believe the board members realize it. I usually don't even respond to him ... but the devil made me do it today.
      btw I also had a prediction ... but it hasn't come to pass... I predicted the pps would go back down to the .80 range .... I guess my credibility is shot too.
      maybe after the lack of earnings anouncement?

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      • Don't be such a poodie-butt USAR! Good things like AGLI take time. And plenty of it.

        Please take note that I've been cookin' up new money-making schemes from my Bahaman's a shout-out to anybody interested in making millions to drop in for pie and coffee and a chat. When it comes to AGLI, I remain long, strong, and grotesquely obese.

        With Sympathy,
        The Esteemed Dr. Long

      • "... but odi has lost some credibility this year... so i believe the board members realize it."

        LOL! I haven't been posting for most of this year on this board!

        If you said that all my hopes, or the opportunities that I've put on this board last year and in 2009, never materialized I would agree 100%.
        Then, obviously people can easily conclude whatever!

        The truth is that you always posts non-verified feelings.

    • Usar, I see others are also remarking about you bringing up irrelavent old history of Alti.
      I do appreciate your current inputs on the future of Alti.

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      • Hi There Fey good to see you come up on the net. My "current input on the future of ALGI" is just what I said another whopping loss this quarter just like the other 100 or so quarters. Forget about the loss because that is expected (after all this is ALGI) but I do worry about you. Please be careful and do your dd inasmuch as this story never changes and in my opinion never will until they have sucked the last few cents out of guys like you and I.
        My best to you and of course good investing to you.
        Be very wary of ALGI.

    • Yes Usar, stop with the obsessing and remember that this is the same break-through technology it was. I can remember years ago when Revo used to chide you for bringing up ancient history. Guess you will never learn.

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      • Only 4 stars, numpty?

      • Good evening Dr Mindhiker. Yes after all these years I guess I am some what opinionated because I hate to see nice folks like Fey get taken. Guys like Tennis don't bother me because he is now making a few pennies in trades each day. What a charlation he is to trying to take advantage of nice folks. You remember poor Sassy and jjj.
        They and so many others learned the hard way. Now we have our newbies that think they have discovered some thing great but IMHO they too will soon learn the ALGI lesson.
        I wish them the best.
        Good investing to you.

      • <remember that this is the same break-through technology it was.>

        LOL! I'm not sure if it is (or ever was) breakthrough technology, but it meets the specs right now for some nice applications.

        Were the constraints due to poor management or the timing not being right for this type of a product to be utilized?... probably some of both. I reiterate... you can cry about the past or you can see if it has the right specs at the right price for applications going forward right now. Still definitely speculative.

        Nice to see it drift higher on low volume instead of drifting lower. Sentiment appears to be changing... we will know soon enough if it is justified.

    • As the CEO, CFO and most of the BOD has been replaced... I think your obsession that "this company has hurt alot of good honest folks over the past many many many years" becomes less relevant.

      At this point... they either have a viable product or they don't. I am comfortable with the present management team, but there are still unknowns. Will Proterra continue to use ALTI products? Will AES ever make a significant order for a 20MW+ facility? The biggest question for me is will these orders coming out of China equate to any benefits here. My thinking is "No", but I am not sure. Does ALTI make a profit from raw material (lithium titanate)sales into China?

      I have kept my 30K base bought in the .90s, but have done well trading 20K to 30K more on these swings. Are we topped out again at $1.40 before it goes back to $1.25? Who knows.... I just know I want as many shares as possible when they announce their next contract. Will it be Proterra, AES or something as yet unknown?

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