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  • Be thankful on days like this that nobody wants to trade ALTI and it doesn't move on low volume.

    My $1.20 buy on A123 last week expecting a pop went poof. Got stopped out at $1.14 Friday. That was my second 5% loss fishing for a bottom. Will third time be the charm? Couldn't resist and bought once more under a buck today.

    I throw this out because some say I only mention winners. Nope... I was WRONG on A123 and admit it. I don't lose money often, but try to limit losses with a mental stop and hold myself to it. Don't trust setting actual stops as a momentary flash crash could cause you to lose your portfolio at a low price.

    For the ALTI faithful... the demise of A123 could bring about a second look by AES for grid storage. That would be my hope and while I am pessimistic on the outcome... still find myself rooting for ALTI. GLTA.

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    • >> Couldn't resist and bought once more under a buck today.

      wow, you were wrong again :-)

      Here come the lawsuits. AONE has a lot of things in common with a lot of Chinese stocks. Except that most Chinese companies are profitable.

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      • <wow, you were wrong again :-)>

        Yup... when it didn't move much yesterday, all I knew is I didn't want to hold it overnight. Made a little bit off my buys in the .90s but lost money over all on my last few A123 trades.

        LOL! Was tempted to buy again at .85, but came to my senses in time. I think there will still be a 50% gain there sometime soon, but can't guess the bottom right now. Better to take my smaller losses than average down on an unknown.

        Amazing how much money you can make when you try hard not to LOSE money. I take my small lumps and move on.

        ABAT down to $34M market cap. Didn't take it private at much lower market cap. Wonder what will happen there. They would have caught up on financials if they were going to attempt to raise PPS. That is a strange one.

    • You might take a look at Electrovaya. They seem to have a good product, good energy density, ect. They are also getting into grid storage.


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      • I haven't looked at Electrovaya for awhile. Will check out the latest Annual Report. I remember they had a deal with a Japanese company a few years back and I think I saw some shipments to Japan have begun. I liked their idea of going after storage for residential and small commercial solar installations. Doesn't necessarily have to be real cost-effective as there is a niche market that can afford it and will buy it for the idea of it.

        I see Distributed Generation and Microgrids being the future.

    • could this be a good bye to 123 or a good buy to 123? it seems to me that they have many good products on the market, Id rather they would have been alti Are there any other large grid scale suppliers? It seems the regional grid operators are just begining to see the benefit of lithium ion batteries? anybody have any thoughts?

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      • >>could this be a good bye to 123 or a good buy to 123?

        It is impossible to give the correct answer before A123 release the $55M money raise plan.

        Somebody think I am crazy to load huge ALTI position, but by my understanding, put money in huge uncertainty like A123 is real disaster.

      • <anybody have any thoughts?>

        The initial tariff proposals for Pay For Performance are dut to FERC in 4 weeks with implementation 6 months later. This will increase the discussion on who my benefit from grid storage.

        AXPW wants to get involved with their cheap product. I don't think it has the cycle life necessary, but will admit I don't know as much about them. Think they may be better suited as a UPS than performing FR on the grid.

        Xtreme Power has a very interesting product and has had interest from multiple major players.

        You know A123 has had a relationship with AES. I would like to see some data from their facilities. AES is technology agnostic and will use whoever is the best value at the time. A123 sold product for little or no profit and probably a loss to get initial contracts.

        ALTI has the absolute best specs I have seen for grid storage with the combination of higher temperature extremes tolerated and high cycle life. It is a real head-scratcher to me why they haven't gotten more sales. The price must not be there. Grid storage isn't as reliant on weight and size constraints so cheaper can usually beat "better".

        Toshiba and some of the other big boys could also compete favorably due to their pricing from mass production.

        Still uncertainty on what PFP will mean for potential revenue on the grid, but we are getting closer to some more input.