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  • odialt odialt May 26, 2012 12:54 PM Flag

    Fuel Cell Transit Buses - January 31, 2012

    "R. Ahluwalia, X. Wang, and R. Kumar
    Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL"

    For anyone interested in the status of fuel cell buses.
    Could be a reality at many transits in the next 5 years.

    "The projected well-to-wheels efficiencies of various fuel/technology pathways are:
    o Battery EV: 40% from natural gas, 22% from coal
    o Diesel ICE: 26%
    o Fuel cell with H2 from reformed natural gas: 24%
    o Compressed natural gas ICE: 22%
    o Fuel cell with H2 from electrolysis: 6%–11% (non-renewable electricity)"

    "The Proterra battery-intensive fuel cell hybrid has fuel cell efficiencies of 55% peak and 50% average. The DC-DC converter efficiencies are 94% peak and 90% average, and the complete fuel cell APU is 45% efficient. Combined with >80% efficient drive train (battery 98.5%, traction motor 85%) and 85% efficient hotel loads, the overall system has an efficiency >55% with the 32-kW Hydrogenics fuel cells."

    "Current cost, at 20-bus fleets, is approximately $1,200,000/fuel cell bus."

    Fuel cell and fuel cell bus technology is proving out, with steady increases in maintainability and reliability. Costs are still a challenge, however, and simply increasing the number of buses and power systems may not be enough to drive the costs down to the target values. “Value Engineering” must be applied to reduce cost and weight, and increase the level of integration of the fuel cell subsystem and the balance-of-plant. Higher vehicle-level integration will also be needed, that includes the fuel system, cooling system, safety systems, and power electronics. According to one developer, the goals of this integration should be to eliminate 50% of the subsystems and 75% of the common parts used in building the buses."

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