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  • trollen32 Oct 1, 2012 9:52 AM Flag

    MOU with EnerDel

    Lady,We are scattered, but still intact as survivors of the Batt/cell debacle.............Good to see you cruzin thru......It ain't the same any mo doe......Was thad pidgin or what? Good luck tro

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    • My Fair Lady we are still here in one way or another. Sure hope you are doing well, be advised we miss you. The board is really dead inasmuch as the pumpers have all left with their tails between their legs. This sure has been a lousy investment for alot of folks. Heck I go all the way back to the World famous ""JIG"" days. Well anyway here we are at the start of a new quarter and when the numbers come out for last quarter we will all see once again how bad this stock is and what the future portends.
      Good to see you drop by. Oh by the way even TT doesn't trade this anymore since he will not waste his time on such a penny stock investment.
      Good investing to you and as always be wary of this stock which has burned so many fine folks.

    • Hi Tro - heartfelt to you regarding your wife. Always such a difficult experience - hope you have lots of family and friends around through the holidays. No, not the same and a shame really. I see the mb still have the ick factor though with some posters. eh! Guess that's how they get by. ALTI was pretty much first to mkt and did nothing from that point on. Huge missed op. But I'll wager the Board is still doing very, very well. Be well, Tro.

    • Hi Trollen! Ha! It's that time of the month - for me to stop by and be sure all ok with the best folks the Web has to offer. Is Usar still here as well? And my Ky friend? Be well and I see still same ole, same ole here with the "new, improved" way of not doing business!

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      • Well, well what a nice Holiday surprise for My Fair Lady to grace our board here once again. It is good to see that you are doing OK. The only bad news news is that the Col (Trollen) lost his wife after a hard fought battle with illness. Things here are just about the same. Many newbies are now in the process of finding out how ALGI conducts "business" It's a hard lesson for them but us old timers warned them repeatly. Gotta go, but before I do I want to wish you and all the others on this board Happy Thanksgiving.
        Good investing to you and be very wary of ALGI

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