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  • byteacomputer byteacomputer Nov 1, 2012 1:14 PM Flag


    a summary of altoona bus test .
    total down time to repair drive system/tranmission failures and man hours.
    approx 799 hours down time and 129.5 man hours.
    this included 2 class 2 road calls where presumably the bus would be towed.
    then 10 were class 3 that only would have called for a bus change.
    4 were class 4 ... but note that all class 4 and class 3 were apparently fixed
    during the 1st 9284 miles .... but the two class 2's occured at 13977 and 15000 miles.

    total down time to repair Electrical systems and man hours.
    9 were class 3 ... or a bus change 21 man hours and 84 hours of down time

    Suspension was apparently fixed at 197 miles for 164 hours down time and 9 hours labor.
    however there were 3 additional suspension ...2 a class 2 requiring a bus change
    for a total of 15 hours down time and 15 hours labor. ...
    those are the major issues ... but I don't know how that compares to
    other tested buses ... and most of the issues were known in the first 10,000 miles.
    Also remember the Foothill busses were returned and upgraded with repairs.
    So hopefully their production line is now making buses without overloading the axels
    and having fixed the electrical problems and so on.

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    • Proterra may have updated its web cite!
      CARTA May Join With Nashville In Purchase Of New Electric Buses For Transit Routes
      January 18, 2013
      CARTA is exploring the possibility of partnering with Nashville for a joint purchase from a Greenville, S.C., manufacturer of new electric buses for transit routes, officials said Thursday.
      Lisa Maragnano, CARTA assistant executive director, said a prototype of the large electric bus manufactured by Proterra Inc. will be on display here soon.

      She said the bus charges from the top in two and a half to three minutes, whereas bottom-charging electric buses take up to 15 minutes.

      Tom Dugan, CARTA executive director, said such a bus could be used on CARTA's longest route - from downtown to Hamilton Place Mall - perhaps with a charging station at Eastgate.

      He said CARTA is planning to purchase 28 new buses, including three of the large electric buses. eight transit buses, six replacement Shuttle electric buses and 11 Care A Van vehicles.

      Ms. Maragnano said she went to Greenville to inspect the new buses and was impressed. She said the firm has 43 engineers on staff and is looking to hire six more. Proterra raised $23 million in venture capital in November.

      Mr. Dugan said he can envision the day perhaps 20 years down the road when the entire CARTA fleet is electric.

    • forgot to add ... the reason i checked.
      yes one of the battery backs had to be replaced after it was giving erratic voltage readings.
      and one time some of the connecting terminals were lose.
      hopefully Proterra could fix that ...

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