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  • akeyedoc akeyedoc Dec 17, 2012 2:21 PM Flag


    I find it interesting that I posted a comment on seeking alpha web site that was deleted because of some sort of 'profanity' involved. There was nothing inappropriate said other than I disagreed with some pompous retired lawyer that has nothing better to do that post derogatory and misleading remarks about companies in the energy storage field. It is a new technology still being developed. I commented on the efficiency of the altairnano storage system and it's positive atributes and made a passing comment that mr P should find something better to do (which he is obviously being paid to do). ALTI has an outstanding system that is expensive to produce but will improve if given any kind of support. The navy was using it as a backup to ship generators that would have saved milllions of dollars per year per vessel. The company was near bankruptcy and allowed Canon to purchase 51% of shares just to stay in development. Now the chinese control this company and are developing the technology (actually producing the battery that we lost out on). We do not need these out of work lawyers selling their commentary and undermining struggling businesses.

    The ALTI battery is based on the 'buckey' ball (named after Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic dome designs). It avoids the heat fractures of conventional lithium storage that caused fires in the Toshiba laptop. The charge-recharge cycle caused the long chain lithium to fracture and overheat. The buckey ball system allows for rabid recharge (10 minutes) and an extremely long life. Cities around the country are testing transit buses with this battery and it is ideal. The problem is cost ($50,000+ per battery). When it is compared to diesel power it's nothing but advantages; re:rduced pollution, no diesel particulates, NO2 etc.. It will be a major cost savings and result in a reduction in airpolution and healthier lives for all city dwellers.

    I have no idea what motivates mr. lawyer other than financial support from somewhere. Eventually, I do think the ALTI battery will be quite common in our vehicles. Tesla and Proterra have worked with it but it became to cost prohibitive for Tesla (although it would give greatly extended range and reduced recharge times). These batteries would easily outlive the vehicles they power. When cost comes down they will be everywhere only the literature will be printed in chinese.

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    • yes if only the cost would come down. Yes if only there was more energy density. Yes if only the electrolyte wouldn't catch fire. and so on... Be careful what you assume will happen. Many battery production facilities have been built only to wind up as wishful dreams in a dust or scrap heap. Its a very complex and costly undertaking. VLNC had problems with production. EEEI also, and check out ABAT that built many lines of production. Also A123 new production line wasn't a success.
      BTW you are incorrect in stating Tesla and greatly extended range.... please stick to the facts. Unless of course you wish to overlook the additional trailer pulled behind the Tesla to carry the extra volume and weight. Just kidding .

    • Sir in the spirit of the Christmas season might I ask you just what you are smoking. In case you don't know it this is the ALGI board. Yes they are a company if I might call them that, that has been in some sort of business for over 40 years and never to the best of my knowledge made a single thin dime in profit. Now I realize that you might be another newbie but please Sir don't try to blow smoke up our (ahem nose). Have a great Christmas and be very wary of ALGI. Don't be the next ALGI victim because you believe guys like overdosed on ALGI/REVO
      Good investing to you.

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