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  • odialt odialt Dec 18, 2012 7:08 AM Flag

    USA-conman you're on the wrong board!

    ***Beware of ALGI.***

    This is ALTI.
    ALTI had $5M+ in deferred revenues last quarter.
    And ALTI signed a $18M deal with Wu'an City to purchase 50 buses with ALTI nLTO batteries.
    Bigger deals are expected in China. $100M+ for 2013 is possible.

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    • = "$100M+ for 2013 is possible."

      Huh. Not a chance. But for 2014 would be nice.

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      • *** Not a chance. ***

        Well! I don't think you would know that. The realm of possibilities is larger than you think!

        ALTI got $18M for 50 buses. ALTI could get $72M for 200 buses.
        YTE sold 200 buses to Chongqing, and another 200 buses in Europe.
        ALTI buses are made by Yintong Group Guangtong and they can produce 2000 per year.
        Google "Electric City Bus (GTQ6117BEVB)"
        1000 EV buses for 25 cities is the goal of China by 2015.
        From 50 in 2012 to 200 in 2013 and 500 in 2014 will allow 1000 in 2015.

        Then, PJM and other ISOs/RTOs are readying their new pay-per-mileage FR rules.
        With the bus sales assumption, ALTI would only need a few FR 20 MW sales to pass the $100M mark.

        What about South America, Proterra, Lightning, and other recent customers?

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    • Oh come on overdosed/REVO. Most of the long timers here on the "ALGI" post board know where "ALGI" comes from. It is a takeoff from algae when ALTI was in in the cat pee and pool #$%$ clean up business years ago which of course never "panned out" Excuse the pun please. Using the term ALGI shows our complete disdain and repugnance for this (ahem) company which has hurt so many good people over the past 40 or so years.
      PS I notice you are still using the operative words like "are expected" and "deferred revenues"
      Most of us are now far to wise and introspective to fall for those old, tired and well used ALGI phrases.
      Have a geat day everyone and be wary of ALGI ALGI ALGI

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      • I have been following this company for 4 years and don't know anything about your ALGI memory recollections!

        What I know is that ALTI got a lot of money to support their major investment in China.

        "We retained Beijing Hengxin Delv Assets Appraisal Co. Ltd. to perform an appraisal of the land. The value of the land was appraised at $32.2 million, which was verified by BDO China Dahua.
        We applied for special grants and subsidies, and to date, Wu'an has awarded and paid Altair $12 million."

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