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  • gobrokefast gobrokefast Nov 3, 2013 12:26 AM Flag

    I see the stock price is up. Have they finally got the JIG working?

    Took them long enough.

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    • unfortunately the JIG is not working. The one person who knew how to run the JIG quit. And since the head of that division had no one else under him, he decided to resign, leaving no one in the division. I don't think the division head, president or whatever, could eat his bean burrito and learn to run the JIG at the same time.
      Fortunately when ALTI then dissolved the JIG division.. there was very little clean up at the site. Perhaps the JIG had never really run at all due to lack of funding. But what a great time they had. The division head, ex president, is now retired on an island eating all the bean burritos he wants, and occasionally fingering his way through his secret off shore accounts.

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      • Oh Yes how we (old timers) miss the "Esteemed Dr Long" It's been awhile and I hear his money is running out and "Uncle Al" will give him no more, so dear friends he could be back in our picture. Ah then the fun will start once again with the "jig" sorely needed to refine the ore from ALGI world class mining site.
        Oh how I miss the old days. When I get back to Arizona I may start the biggest ALGI hoax contest again.
        Then we can all submit our nominations regarding all the ALGI hoaxs over the past many years.. Hey who has the shovel.
        Good investing to all of you and please be wary of all things associated with this company!!

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