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    • Ok so this is the prediction. Linux is going to beat Microsoft on the client. Why? Cause Linux is GOOD and Microsoft is BAD. Haven't we heard this before. Is IBM's money really going to make any difference? I don't think so. What you all fail to realize is that people are perfectly happy with Microsoft products.

      Microsoft software is

      1. Cheap. Cheaper than Linux or Open Source stuff when you factor in the true cost of overnership.

      2. Support on Windows is much cheaper than support on Linux because more people know Windows than Linux.

      3. Software is more plentifull and cheaper on Windows than it is on Linux.

      4. Microsoft Software is more stable. Compare Explorer to Netscape on Linux. There is no comparison. Explorer beats Netscape hands down. Netscape crashes all the time, is slow, and its fonts suck.

      5. Microsoft Software is more familiar. Almost everyone knows Office and it can be operated by a 5 year old. Star Office or DocBook on Linux require two PhDs (minimum) to operate. And they suck.

      6. Microsoft offers a platform that allows commercial software developers to develop and profit from their inventions. Linux is a marxist communist taliban approach to software. Linux encourages Napster like theft of intellectual property and is fundamentally unamerican, unpatriotic, and anti-capitalist.

      Mark my words Linux will LOSE, Microsoft will WIN.

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      • i am a complete idiot when it comes to tech stuff. yeah, that's my definition for operating systems and p.c.'s for that matter....

        but c'mon, you think i'm retarded? your suggestion that, "people are perfectly happy with Microsoft products" was my first clue to your propagandist remarks.

        i use microsoft, yes, because that's what my p.c. came with. but when my p.c. crashes, I'm not happy.

        coming from a technotard such as myself, your comments are analogous to me saying:

        McDonalds is better because it's........

        1.cheaper than a sack lunch-

        'cuz you get a free toy (ownership....err don't choke on that, kay?), a free paper bag (reusable and biodegradable- tree-hugger friendly), free ketchup (considered a vegetable at my kids highschool) and/or bbq sauce (or a choice of ranch, hot mustard, or honey mustard- where available). oh, don't forget the plastic bag that the toy came in, it could be used to put chewed gum into, thereby reducing the "grossout" when accidentally feeling under the table. Free refills for EVER...c'mon, who's gonna razz you on that one? free newspapers- every day, seriously, people just leave 'em there, really!! he he restroom facilities w/that baby station changing thing, free toilet hot and cold running water...and if i'm real bold, i can eat half my food, go back, and ask for a "hotter" quarter pounder, i said, "no onions, sir" big mac or "fresher" infinitum...get my drift, way cheaper than a sack lunch (more fun too)

        2.more convenient than red lobster...

        because the drive-thru at mcd's is faster than ordering at that fancy schmancy stinkey fish place.

        3.more plentiful than dunkin donuts...

        'cuz they've sold billions and billions, and they're on every fourth street corner.... that many people can't be wrong.

        4.just plain ol' better than lot'sa other places...

        'cuz at the counter, they hand you your change instead of using that change return gadget. (they're afraid to touch my hand, or what? shivering heebie jeebies!)

        5.healthier than subway...

        'cuz you can get the mcfu*k outta the lobby twice as fast, 'cuz they know what you want before you get there. you know, a #5, supa-size, coke, to goke....(see, this reduces stress, the quick in-and-out thing, do i get stressed out waiting on slowfast-food.)
        man do i love an oxymoron. by the way, i'm gonna trademark (or copyright)that, "slowfast-food" thing, so don't Nobody get no fancy ideas, 'kay? more patriotic

        'cuz they.....err.. well...HEY they should charge for refills and ketchup, and salt and pepper, what the hell, straws and napkins too, just like in europe...(i know, my kid went to germany and, yes, they charged for napkins and ketchup)....capitalist fu*kin' bastards! heyyyy *sideways look*.....nevermind #6

        7.way superior to any other damned eating establishment on the planet...

        'cuz mcd's "ronald" kicks-off on dave thomas's ass, or any other mascot for that matter, and the hamburglar can make off with the keys to any of hardees' racing drivers' car keys....and those fries ....(dang, i do love dem fries --*drooling*)

        admit it, mcdonalds is the best food on the planet, they invented the happymeal, "supersizing", free refills, and they've got the mcthis and macthat lingo down pat.

        maybe we should go after mcdonald's, sounds like a monopoly to me......

        ......sorry, nevermind.

        uh, mark MY words, McDonald's is better, 'cuz they sell more (and dumb-ass parents will always do whatever the hell their snotty, bratty, kicking n screaming, cutsie outta-get-their-butts-at-least-a-teeny-tiny-swat-mcscrew-a-damned-"timeout"-cranky-peed-in-the-plastic-ball-cage-can't-find-my-socks-whadda-you-mean-i'm-too-tall-i-really-don't-wanna-eat-that-mcrap-anyway lil' ones tell them too.)

      • Whay would IBM buy Linux from Red Hat if Linux is free?

      • Even Bill Gates knows that msft's dominance is teetering on disaster. Why else would he shed 30 millions shares of msft from his portfolio this year alone! Value over 2 billion! Wonder what he is going to do with that money? It's now out of msft circulation, thats for sure.

      • That is the stupidest post I have read in a long time.

        Your right though, a five year-old can operate Microsoft Office. It does not take much to hit ctrl-alt-delete after Word freezes up the OS.

      • drink_more_coffee_please drink_more_coffee_please Dec 11, 2001 2:32 PM Flag

        How much?

      • huh?....

      • richard_krueger2001 spewed ...

        > Mark my words Linux will LOSE, Microsoft will WIN.

        OK - we will then. When M$FT goes bust, we'll just remember all of the M$Sheep that said sh*t like this - 'cause there are too many of you to remember individually. [If there's so many of you, how come M$FT keeps slipping?]

      • 1. Cheap. Cheaper than Linux or Open Source stuff when you factor in the true cost of overnership.

        You msft people amaze me with your fickle views on RHAT. All we hear from you idiots all the time is, "how do you make money when you give things away"? Now your posting that msft is cheaper than rhat. You have just been added to my dumbass list. BE LONG ON THE RHAT AND MAKE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Peace!!

      • All LIES. MSFT is loosing, and it will just become like ENE.

        MSFT broke the law, and probably it also lies to its shareholders.

        Go Red Hat, Go!