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  • short_bby short_bby Mar 8, 2004 7:09 PM Flag

    tell me why I shouldn't short this pig

    Red Hat (RHAT), faces increasing competition from Novell. That�s music to my ears.

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    • that is good news but i am waiting for an even bigger hammer to drop on rhat. isnt it just about time a newcomer enters the linux market and gives this two horse race another competitor? i am still sticking to my prediction that by june their will be a third linux player to take some market share from these two companies. just my opinion.

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      • that newcomer entering the Linux market has been addressed in the conference calls of both Novell and Red Hat. Hardware vendors specifically want two vendors and no more. They don't want another Unix on their hands with 50 variants. Also any hardware vendor who acquires linux is excluded from other hardware players. Novell and Red Hat have all the traction with the OEMs now so a little guy can't just break into the pack. And if a revenue based company acquires a distro it will not be accepted. So there you have it. If you are betting on microsoft acquiring mandrake and knocking RHAT out of the park, forget it.