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Red Hat, Inc. (RHAT) Message Board

  • thomas_o1 thomas_o1 May 14, 2004 7:30 PM Flag

    It never siezes to amaze me...

    the bashers and shorters of this stock. I've been watching RHAT for over 3 weeks. In those 3-4 weeks all the other stocks on my watch list have tanked going down with the market. Some fund managers dumped their positions in small caps causing 30%-50% drops in some stocks over the course of this sour market.
    RHAT is a strong stock and is being held tightly by fund magaers who are not letting it go down with the rest of the market. The stocks lowest point was around 23 bucks and change over the course of this entire bearish market.
    Currently, it's poised to pop to new 52 week highs and is refusing to drop. As soon as this market turns, RHAT will go with it.
    JMHO............I could be wrong....It's basing in the 24-25 range

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    • while time has taught me to never bet against this stock, i certainly wouldnt buy rhat either. all it will take is just one new semi legit competitor to send this stock below $10. or maybe if ibm keeps sqeezing rhat like an overripe zit forcing it to discount its pricing, then the stock will drop. right now, it will take rhat doing everything right and no increased competition for it to meet expectations.