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  • richfast2003 richfast2003 Jul 15, 2004 11:25 AM Flag

    Class actions will take earnings away


    bad for RHAT

    This topic is deleted.
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    • not this crap--the class action will do nothing except feed the lawyers on contingency and they will earn nothing, and the company will put its hounds to work and get on with the business of the company. A few insiders juggling their way out of the stock in anticipation of just such a nonsensical blowoff in the wake of uncertainty principle and i rates etc etc is not uncommon (if you pardon the expression).

      Old Klingon saying prevails--"no one fights in a burning house" but when the smoke clears and this winds up to be BS, all the finger wagging will look stupid, and the stock will take its time to get back to pre panic levels, but it will go there.

      you can wait for the smoke to clear and all the tech hurdles of moving averages begin to blossom on our way up to resistence, blow through and voila there you go, or you can bottom feed understanding the bottom is a shelf somewhere in the fifteens and take your chances with a great company.

      Me I bottom feed and write some calls and ride it out. The worst is I lose a little money over the long haul--I don't think this stock is going down farther than 14--the best is the stock finishes up in Dec Jan at 15 and I escape with another three bucks for my trouble. The other best is that the stock goes to sixteen and I have the dilemma of buying back the calls and selling more or just riding into the sunset.

      This is a good company fallen on a spike that is just a part of our times.

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      • quoth mardermj, "Old Klingon saying prevails -- 'no one fights in a burning house'"

        Ok, I have to admit I'm a geek, and when someone quotes Star Trek (even on an RHAT board) that I don't recognize, I just have to go find it.

        Gene Roddenberry, who created Star Trek, brought a number of African influences to the show (from the Swahili word for peace as the name of one of the main characters to some of the art that decorated sets).

        The line comes from an episode that featured Klingons in the original series, back in the 60s:

        Only a fool fights in a burning house. -- Kank the Klingon, "Day of the Dove"

        Of course, that's not quite what you said (and the meaning is slightly different), but here's what I think is the original:

        "Two men in a burning house must not stop to argue."

        This is an Ashanti proverb.

        Well, enough of that... back to lawsuit of the day ;-)

    • what earnings?