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  • p1ngdave p1ngdave Jul 15, 2004 11:39 AM Flag

    5 Bogus Lawsuit factory weasels

    under headlines. I've had some experience with this in the past. Don't know if you saw my longer post yesterday about these shysters that blanket sue any company with any kind of headline that looks like a problem. 99 times out of a 100 these cases get dropped.

    I also predicted you'd see 5 - 7 of the weasels generate a headline. We just hit 5, 2 more coming maybe.

    Smart investors know these are bogus, and ignore. Shorts (I've read stories before about crooked traders and these lawyers working in together to try and scare a stock down to profit) will lie to you to make you not buy or sell.

    Realize that they are doing this TO PROFIT off of you, and ignore them. Some are even paid to clog message boards with garbage and fear.

    Use the ignore feature. Many have multiple IDs, and create new ones to bypass the ignore feature though.

    To know where RHAT is going, all you have to do is look at a daily price volume chart, trendline is up. No resistance:

    Should close in the high 15s, low 16s easy.
    Especially if NASDAQ goes green and moves up.

    My longer target (within a few weeks) is low 20s. I've been buying yesterday and today on dips, so I'm putting my money on the line backing up what I say.

    Please, do your own research if you don't believe me. I'd encourage that anyway. Trust yourself, not analysts or message board idiots.

    good luck,

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    • You know with the end of the hedge fund manipulation of the late eighties came a bunch of creativity in making a stock move for any excuse you can imagine, and paid pumpers and dumpers abound "independently contracted as individuals" so as not to lead back to the author of the pumpdump, but in the internet world these guys are answering ads all the time "make money from your home computer bashing a stock".

      The firing and the restatement coincide to give this group of catfish just the kind of
      sh!t they like to feed off of, and the gullible will track that and day trade their brains out.

      If you believe in the company and the model, and understand the slow and steady influx of this alt to the std, then this kind of noise is a buying op and just that kind of occassion.

      Remember the SEC is all over the manipulators no matter what side of the story they tout or try to take advantage of.

      But how long do you wait for the storm of hot air to blow over before taking a position? I think it is too late for a short position. only the most brave will go long naked. I see a long in the fifteen arena and a sale of a call a way to drain the next few months while this stock and company straighten out the record.