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  • mackmantcp mackmantcp Jul 16, 2004 11:01 AM Flag

    Too risky for me

    I've played RHAT for awhile with some success, but with looming restatements, SEC investigations, and shareholder lawsuits, I can't imagine why anyone would want to buy this stock right now. It may be a bargain right now, but with so much uncertainty you might as wall invest on the roulette wheel. I'm a Linux and Red Hat enthusiast, but now is not the time to buy or hold this stuck.

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    • It's too risky for a 22 year old guy?

      I donno. I'm a 58 year old guy and entry at 15-16 for this fine firm, whatever the numbers blow out to be, is fine with me.

      I don't think moving one month to the right means sh!t if it is every single customer, nor do I think the bottom line will evince more than three or four quarters worth of couple pennies each tops of the 12 in question.

      I think stupid with respect to how they reported before is not fraud, it does make the business end suspect, it doesn't the product or manner of performance--I think this is oversold scenarion and easily back to 18-21 next six months.

    • you say "I can't imagine..." . Hmmm... investing is often an intuitive (gut) thing. It takes imagination and patience (and calculate good timing)for better than minimal sucess. Now IS THE TIME to buy. jmho...Jim/Baltimore

    • A smart invester knows that this is exactly the time to buy, when things look glooming and everyone has weak hands. I guess you wait until everything looks great again and the price is back to $25.