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  • allers69 allers69 Jul 16, 2004 6:08 PM Flag

    RHAT from 2001-2004 stock price

    was less than it is now so anyone filing a lawsuit you should owe RHAT money. You people are stupid to think you will get any $$$$$ from this.

    All these Law Firms are just getting their name out as free advertisment right now.

    Take your loss as a lesson!!!!!!!!!

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    • "mardermj...i can't believe you waste your time like this! short this and make yourself some money and quit posting these worthless post!"

      Doc I have read your posts. Why DO YOU waste your time here all day long every day weekends too.

      Your ten word short sale recommendations are worth as much time as you put in them.

    • You may be right about not playing with scared money. But I don't see zero for this firm. I don't see it returning to bullitin board status. I see dumb, not malfeasance, in a tech area I am familiar with. I see them calling in the big accounting guns and I see them making the attempt.

      But you are right just because I have a bigger brain than the frightened cattle in the stampede doesnt mean I cant get trampled. I am not doing this the right way according to the smart money. I could be outsmarting myself.

      I chose fifteen carefully because I think that is a wrung out point. Maybe I should have waited for 12 or seven or the next event driven pile of BS. Maybe I should wait until the company wakes up and smells the panic and restates with full and complete disclosure. maybe I should haave waited past 7 to 12-13 met resistence and burst upward to 15 again. Maybe maybe maybe.

      See you next week for episode two entitled, the company tries to come clean, on your bat channel, same time, same operating system.

    • Of course you're tired---I wonder if the CEO/CFO got tired and frightened at the prospect of the removal.

      I hate to say this but "retire for personal reasons" always means removal for causes we'd rather not muddy the waters with--why this is some big revelation BTSOOM.

      They did NOT short their own stock, unless somebody has an Uncle Ralfie account somewhere ---that is so far fetched it gives more credence to panic being the dominant theme these past weeks.

      Price Waterhouse was not asked by the SEC, or my mama, to audit this firm. THE FIRM chose these guys and called what we used to call in Vietnam friendly fire down on their own position. This is an act of courage and sacrifice, one of the few in the admittedly slipshod --these days--way of treating income.

      Shoulda happened last year. Happening this year. Everybodys fire sale is someone elses buying op. All I know is that the calls are not deteriorating and the puts today not flying. Somebody thinks enough is enough. Like Dennis Miller, I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

    • It's very hard to put these guys in the ENRON category, but we'll see how it shakes out in the coming days and weeks.

      That's CFO not CEO but hey, that is what panic does to the street and buying on the way up is better than buying on the way down for those who can't calculate the odds so, I can't complain about waiting, but, I think shorting at this point is a great idea if you want to play for 50 cents or a dollar but I cringe to hold a short for this company at this level.

      I'd rather wait for 15--sell for 15.50, buy at 14, sell for 14.5, but that is what makes two sides of the sale, I'll close your shorts, you do the other end of my sales--but for the most part, I'm leaving my ownership at 15 ish and my sale of my covered calls intact for the long pull.

    • come on now.....inflating quits for unknown is so obvious! before it's over he may be joining martha.

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      • First of all genius, its the CFO, not the CEO, and the CFO is hanging around till a new one fills the boots.

        I think I need to take a lawsuit out against you and everybody here should join me. You intentionally mistated which officer was leaving the firm in a blatant attempt to manipulate this stock price and I have proof you succeeded.

        The stock AH is down 15 cents. I have five drillion shares you owe me ummmmmm a bunch a money and everybody else too. You vioated the "who did it and ran, nobody puts an eraser on a pencil law".

        I'm gonna get you and your little dog too. YOU GET IT NOW?????

        N Carolina lawyers. God perhaps we should have let them secede.

    • You're exactly right. I did some checking of my trade statements. The price of RHAT was down near $3.50 around July 2001. In August 2003, the price was just $7.28. By the end of 2003, it was $18.77.

      During the first half of 2004, the price shot up to the high 20's.

      If you didn't sell the stock after reaping nearly 9X's your money since July 01', you were investing for the wrong reason.

      I imagine only a very few people will qualify for this law suit. RHAT will rise again in a year or two. The Linux operating system is getting to much traction in IT departments worldwide.

      I held this stock for more that 4 years. Thank you RHAT for what you've done for me. I sold this past May. Thank goodness.

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      • barbadoshereicome writes:
        "During the first half of 2004, the price shot up to the high 20's.

        If you didn't sell the stock after reaping nearly 9X's your money since July 01', you were investing for the wrong reason."

        Uh, so if the insiders did the prudent thing by selling when they should have, and no reasonable person could have thought a simple recalc would create a panic, even in these crappy times, wasn't lightening the load the prudent thing to do if you were inside outside roundabout wherever this stock??

        You just wrote the defense of the top officers who sold their stock.

      • The lawyers appeal to those who think what goes up always continues up. Couple things are clear. The botched nature of the handling of this PR and the "coverup" quality that has left in its wake has this firms management seemingly acting as it didn't have product to deliver and was in this business for Ponzi scheme purposes, so the fact they have subscribers revenue and are eating market share drives against that misperception. Tech heads always fu<k up the PR and the accting, this is about half of that stock decline. So what? Stocks go up and down all the time and everyone of them has detractors and adherents.

        What the hell IS going on? Technical genius shortchanged in the accting PR arena is more like it, since that is a proverb, and everybody is running scared these days because of ENRON.

        Well, what is enough punishment for stupid publicity followed by knee jerk selling in the wake of cleaning house? I lay half the blame on the market, not the company.

        ZIXI which is supposed to be a dead bang for e prescription touted subscriptions in the 10,000 realm by end year but by last quarter didn't get but 100 for its business even though they had a lock--it's mandated by Congress--that stock slipped from a $18 to $6 bucks because it still hasn't executed.

        We have nearly 90% of expected execution and have dropped 30 to 15 just because we are tracking clientelle by days instead of months. 1/2 the value of the stock concomittantly is more than enough "punishment". We have slipped from $30 to $15 and most of that is due to un called for panic. I'm sorry, but nobody can predict outrageous unwarrented panic and nobody can charge less than due diligence for changing accounting practice from one acceptable system, faulty from some's perspective notwithstanding, to GAAP standard.

        This lawsuit crapola is the biggest bag of Bullshit this side of the farm--but--if the worst company plan executor in the NASDAQ ZIXI gets sliced 2/3 in the stock price--RHAT with execution with a clientelle and a revenue base however faultily displayed accting wise--that is why 15-ish is really where I feel this stock will come to rest. Slice the lack of production stock by 2/3, the mistated revenue culprit by a 1/2--I don't have any problem owning this stock at that level using these macro thought processes. I can see us test and bounce off 12-13, but so what? That's just another buying op.

        There are no guarentees people. Just opportunities to buy when everyone is running for the door.