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  • american_interest_first american_interest_first Oct 26, 2006 1:14 PM Flag

    I lost $80K; I am considering suicide

    This was ELOC on my house. I had 10K shares at an average price of about $22. I am ruined, it's all over for me, I have no reason to live anymore. I will lose the house, my family will leave me, I will lose my job because I am completely depressed and don't feel like working, and in shorts all hell will break loose.

    Good-bye, good luck.

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    • Hey, hope you change your plan and live in this world... what a beautiful world.... If you would have bought more you probably would be even by now.

      Buy low sell high. This stock will be $30 soon, IMHO

    • Don't do it Eddy!

    • Pal, don't make stupid move while you only lost 80K so far. I have lost more than 200K since 1998. I have to work after 60 but I have learned one big lesson, always "stop loss", don't feel sorry when it comes back later. This is rule one.
      Rule 2 is, don't bet most of your money in one stock, 500 shares for each stock, no more than 1000 shares. In short, diversified.
      Rule 3 is, always buy stocks around its major support, which you won't lose much but get better chance to win, your choice $22 was right but you forgot rule 1 & 2.
      Last thing, you depressed ? Fine, take 2 days off, cool down, you are still young, only 31, you always have chance to get it back, if you kill yourself, you are the biggest fool. If your wife can't forgive you, well, let her go, most important, let yourself go, from this hook. I have been there, it was a very tough experience but it would pass.

    • I have made and lost millons right now I am down a few hundred thousand, no one is leaving me and I am not losing my house. Just got back from a great dinner and drinks. Have a drink and hang on they always have more booze at the store, just make better investments from now on.

    • There�s two possibility here folks. Take your pick.

      First possibility:

      You know what Mr. American_interest_first, you are such a great liar. You said you have 10,000 shares at an average price of $22 a share. My first question to you is that what the h*ll you thinking putting $220,000 in one company such as Rhat. Didn't you learn how to diversify???? You are a moron, an idiot, and stupid. You�re not investing your money. You�re gambling. Why didn�t you just go to Vegas and give you money away, huh??? Plainly Stupid!! You didn�t have 10,000 shares. You didn�t lose 80 K. Liar.

      Second possibility:

      You really lost $80,000. And I don�t feel sorry for you! Again you are gambling with a lot of money. You want to get rich without paying the price. You know the get-rich-quick theme. I don�t feel sorry for you but I feel sorry for your wife though. She trusted you, man!!!! You�re lucky she didn�t divorce you. You should be ashamed of yourself. But the good news for you is that you still have $140,000 in your position.

    • 10k shares of $22 avg cost $220,000. what in the earth you get the money from? loan from house? in this case you should really drop dead for that reason.

      But with lost of $8 a share; if you drop dead because your life worth of $80,000 , damn your life is cheap a$$.

      How many more $80k you can make from rest of your life, think more of it.

    • suhua54 Oct 26, 2006 8:39 PM Flag


      please keep cool. stock is a feelng item, it will back will back 50%. if you give it sometime. I lost

      130,000. as a lot people in a few years ago. my lessen is will be is a time game.



      I have been there too thought about the suicide. I once lost everything 275K . worked 6 years like a horse and I am still here a lot of work and time will heal your / our

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      • Listen. As much as this is a terrible situation, and I know it is. I know how much this kind of thing hurts, but suicide is probably the most selfish thing you could do right now. Leaving a family behind is not what you want to do. Think of them. Secondly, call a professional broker IMMEDIATELY. You should NOT have such a huge percentage in one stock. Even After the fact, it could STILL go down more. I have no interest in RHAT at the moment, long or short. But you should not be sitting at your computer praying that it goes up. That is not a sound strategy to get your money back. Diversify NOW.

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