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  • grannybones2 grannybones2 Mar 21, 2011 3:37 PM Flag

    EXXON really owns HGT expecting

    Expecting to hit the mother lobe around my area of high gas. There goes another exxon drilling rig heading for site 54. Go HTG

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    • get it is motherloDe

    • Delta,

      Love your enthusiasm. I'm in the nat gas business.

      I don't see natgas appreciating a great deal in price for the foreseeable future. There is simply too much under production and until we begin to widen it's utility(e.g. autos, fleets, etc.), the production will far outpace the consumption.

      There are a number of companies that spent billions executing LNG import terminals. They are now spending additional capital trying to convert those facilities to export nat gas.

      Having said all that, I love HGT and it represents, and has represented, a decent position in my portfolio.

      Best of luck to you.

    • s.eranger Jul 20, 2011 10:27 AM Flag

      Normal price range? Nat Gas historically has traded between $2-$5...mostly toward the lower end.

    • HGT is a trust, not a MLP. The trust assets are stipulated in the trust original paper work filed with the SEC. The amount of money paid to the trust is also shown in the paper work. As a trust, XOM has a bidding commitment to obey the rules of the trust. The management of the trust as nothing to do with XOM. XOM pays the trust the amount as prescribed in the trust paper work and the HGT trustees make the distribution according to the trust rules. The trust will end according to the trust rules, XOM has nothing to say, it is all agreed at the time the trust is started. Not to be confused a trust does not have dividends, but distribution and trust do not have stocks but units. This help differentiate trust from MLP and incorporated businesses.

    • how much does exxon value this royalty stream concept, and does it matter.

      how much oil and gas does hgt have available in the future, how are the physical boundaries on the properties determined, and how much is hgt royalty determined by corporate decisions on resource allocation.

      i.e. who controls my dividend, and how hi can it go. is this the next bpt type mover, multi year uptrend as gas finds more utility?


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