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  • just_fired_by_proxymed just_fired_by_proxymed May 23, 2000 4:23 PM Flag

    MORE SCOOP...very interesting gang

    following is text from an e-mail I received
    earlier today from a friend at Proxymed. I have altered
    his address a bit for privacy reasons. I thought
    somebody might have insight please...

    something fishy going on here
    Date: 00-05-23 12:39:57
    From: j**


    I just booked eight plane tickets and two rental
    cars for Boston next Tuesday morning. Rooms are in
    South Birlington Vermont for Tuesday and Wednesday
    night. I have no idea what the f--- is going on but the
    wheels must be turning because only the wheels are

    Hey, how is the resume coming? Good luck brother, you
    will be back at it in no time.


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    • Blue- Noboby is going to offer you $20.00 a share
      now in a Buyout. One remaining chance for PILL to
      survive appears to be this door of opportunity with AHEA.
      I would think he would jump at the chance to merge
      with a company that just got a two year contract for
      over $90 million from the NY CITY Prison System's Link
      Program. AHEA appears to already be making money with
      their ongoing business. And a software company to
      compliment the PILL line. Let's get with it BOSS!

    • Z: you are absolutely correct! I can only assume
      that all kinds have come out of the woodworks since
      AHEA announced it's most recent contract. If in fact
      PILL has had talks regarding AHEA, it would only
      benefit them to take advantage of the head start they
      have...I'm sure others in PILL's position will now step
      forward and start making the calls. Nobody can ignore the
      numbers the AHEA contract brings to the table and what
      they mean to the bottom line. Understandably so, PILL
      might think it can go it alone, yet circumstances
      within and out of their control have moved this stock
      from $11 to where it is now in about 30 days.should
      AHEA decide to go elsewhere, as I PILL shareholder I
      would be very upset and would let Mr. Blue and his
      committee know about it quickly. Anyone else scooping up
      AHEA, when apparently PILL has been offered a head
      start would indeed be a tough PILL to swallow for this

    • With all the info that has been made available
      regarding AHEA, I can't imagine why everyone here isn't on
      the phone to PILL asking WHATS UP? What better and
      more profitable gift can PILL want? My gosh, when is
      BLUE gonna get off his butt and do something positive
      to move his dying company forward?

    • I don't know the thinking of PILL management on a
      merger with AHEA, but I think they would be foolish to
      pass on a chance like this. The profitable and near
      profitable divisions of PILL and all of AHEA would make us a
      potent force in the marketplace and would help PILL's
      stock return to the respectable price that it deserves.
      Haven't heard from PILL management as to their thinking
      on this proposed deal. Let's hear it guys,
      interested or not. AHEA may have other irons in the fire and
      leave us out in the cold!

    • AHEA - is a pink sheet stock - with rising volume
      and rising earnings. You can purchase shares on-line
      with any on line broker - or you can call a full
      service broker. Shares have not been always available as
      there isa small float - but it does trade.
      There are
      good things happening with this company. Do your own
      DD - and you will see a B2B initiative, An on-line
      pharmacy, new clinics being brought into the system - and
      recently an exclusive contract ith the NYC Prison system
      guaranteeing income for the delivery of prescriptions to
      released inmates and mental health patients. Add to that -
      the collection of their previous no-fault health
      business (that pays them their invoices plus 2% compunded
      interest) -and you have a winner of winners.

    • Where can I buy shares of this company?

    • Key Communication (ProxyMed - New Albany) will have sales of about 21 million this year with over 2 million profit.

    • AHEA is here and now. The revenue is immediate,
      the earnings solid. Imagine the great position PILL
      could hold if they IMMEDIATELY had revenues and great
      cash flow. PILL may very well make it. The road is not
      going to be easy and the credibility is greatly lacking
      from a financial standpoint. The upward movement from
      $1.50 will not be rapid if we are anticipating the wait
      until Q2, 2001. What momentum can be gained by bringing
      onboard a proven money maker? What does PILL have to
      lose? What does PILL have to gain? Mergers occur on a
      daily basis! WHY? Because the companies are worth more
      combined than they are apart. SYNERGY! Other than an
      immediate springboard to NAZ, I can't figure out why AHEA
      would even do it. AHEA has an EPS of .18 for 99. A
      predicted EPS of .17 for 2000, and an estimated EPS of .85
      for 2001. Revs of 25+Mil 2000, 70Mil+ for 2001. WHY
      would anyone in their right mind NOT jump on AHEA. I
      bet Blue isn't as dumb as we think he may be. These
      rumours don't just come out of the "blue". Seems as
      though PILL has upped the periscope to check the waters.
      Never disregard the obvious. Sometimes it is THE right
      way to go! I hold onto my PILL, but am buying all I
      can afford of AHEA! I hope both bases are well
      covered! All...enjoy your day!

    • Dead Weight for a potential buyer.

      A buyer
      wants to have their crew sailing the ship, and if that
      means replacing Hayes with one of their emploees, Hayes
      walks the plank.

      Think about it, why would PILL
      get rid of "the only money making part of the ship,"
      I'm sure the IB would have asked that question long
      before we could even think of it. For PILL to get 20mil
      things had to be laid out and followed through, they are
      following through, we will find out on what soon.

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