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  • totisand totisand Nov 19, 2009 11:43 AM Flag

    this stock is badly damaged and tanks too much


    barely rallies when gold rallies like 20-30 bucks, this will be up like 1.2-1.5 bucks, when gold drops 3-4 dollar this tanks by 1.5 bucks

    sick stock

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    • A volitile gold mining stock...

      Whatta frikkin surprise. =-/

      As to being damaged, we'll see. We had a bad quarter due to a perfect storm of negative events. The bad part was that they blindsided us. I'll give them one quarter to redeem themselves per my usual practice of doing this for stocks I have some personal confidence in.

      If they fail again, I'll just move on, if they clean up the problems, life's the berries man.

      Meanwhile, gold mining stocks aren't for the faint hearted. Put your money in an index fund or somthin.

    • AEM is one of the best stocks around. Don't listen to the ignoramuses.

      Goldman Sacs is short AEM 5 million shares (up from my previous 2.7 million). And that is just GS. The other usual suspects are also involved in this same scheme.

      Goldman and Barclay's and Jimmy Rogers all shilling against prime gold stocks. Yes, Jimmy Rogers !!

      They cannot stop the gold rise so they want to psychologically weigh on the prime pm stock holders.

      Hang in there, eventually they will have to cover as their scheme is exposed and gold hits 1200,1250 and then 1350 ....

      Look at today. Gold up 5 bucks and AEM is down .77.

      Same way its been for weeks now.

      No more markets any more, just secret manipulations and secret machinations.

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      • I'm long AEM and FCX. Can't help but think down the road they will both be in triple digits.

      • Notice how these reprobates painted the tape just before the close on Friday as gold was reaching 1151.

        I forgot to add Soros to that list.
        Where Soros is Rogers is sure to follow.

        The usual suspects are shorting the prime gold and silver stocks with 1 billion dollars. That is the educated guess of my sources.

        I mean the entire gold market industry cap is less than Microsoft.

        We need to get these parasites off our stocks.

        And for anyone who doesn't think that gold is suppressed, read this article.

        And anyone who thinks I am wearing a tin foil hat. Well, it appears that those who don't believe in rampant gold price suppression are the conspiracy theorists.

        Gold price suppression is public record and public policy, not 'conspiracy theory'

    • I hate to say it, but I agree with one caveat. I would say that it is the company that is damaged not the stock. The stock simply is reflecting that reality right now.

      When things first came out with their quarterly report my feeling was that this was temporary. However clearly the street sees it differently and day traders view this as a vulnerable stock for bear raids.

      There are better buys out there. I think GDX is a better bet right now with substantially lower risks. When you have a gold stock that consistently is either flat or going down when gold is rising that's a sure sign of a damaged company. It hurts but I am cashing out of AEM. I am getting out with a profit, but not nearly what I had a few weeks ago.

    • What a prime time to load up on call options!

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