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  • charlie.54321 charlie.54321 Jul 2, 2010 2:13 PM Flag

    Real story

    Gold 900, AEM 82
    Gold 1200, AEM 57

    This tells the whole story.
    The gold ca bal is shorting the hxll out of this stock.

    How can the fiat high frequency trading non-pm stocks (except for a few, apple) compete.

    AEM should be 100 right now. But then people would say, Hmmmm. I will buy gold stocks. The P.P.T. cont rollers are at least for the moment keeping the gold stocks under wrap. They cannot tolerate a better product. Competitiion is sin and they will squash all competition to their fiat product. At least for the moment. They may think they are all powerful but I don't think so.

    Everyone in the small gold market knows the truth about this.

    VERY PISSXD but forced to be patient.

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    • If you believe this guy, I have a few things I would like to sell you:

      1) original clothing jesus wore when he died
      2) the after birth from when jesus was born
      3) jesus' sperm

    • I didn't say I didn't believe you. I said it was hard to understand how someone could go from being long 30,000 shares to believing the stock was headed to $30 with no more additional input than another summer sell off in gold itself. That doesn't make a lot of sense.

    • when you work 14 hours a day from age 15 to age 65, amassing $1 million is not that hard..
      im single.. never had kids.. what's there not to believe?

      50 years of work x $40,000 savings annually = $2M in savings.

    • "only $38? how does $0 sound?"

      Did you really have 30,000 shares? I tend to take people at their word but I can be convinced otherwise. You have me reconsidering my defense and commiseration with your having caved. Why would someone own 30,000 shares and then start posting silly crap like the above? Silly people don't have that kind of money...or guts.

    • "This tells the whole story.
      The gold ca bal is shorting the hxll out of this stock."

      In your muddled little mind I'm sure it does.

      "AEM should be 100 right now."

      And I should be 30 with a good looking blonde at my side zooming around in my Falcon.

      "VERY PISSXD but forced to be patient."

      I think I agree with this statement if PISSXD means what I think it means. I bought more of AEM today (putting me at 5,700 shares) and I remain nervous as a whore in church...and PISSXD.

      • 1 Reply to mbbf49a
      • This from another poster on May 6, 2010:
        <<What kind of a man would denigrate anyone who who has only 100 shares of any stock?

        Someone on the outside looking in. Someone who owns zero shares! Warren Buffett would not insult anyone who has only 100 shares of any stock!

        mbbbs: be careful what you post, your post speaks a lot about you than anyone else! It says you are one sorry, immature person with a serious inferiority complex.>>

        After that you keep boasting about your 5,700 shares every chance you get!

        People who own a lot shares don't talk about it either.

        We aren't so stupid on this board. Just enjoy your 5,700 shares. No need to broadcast it.

    • At one time my position in AEM was up 107%, and I was recommending it like crazy. Then, the trend set in: gold down, AEM down; gold up, AEM down. This despite production was going up and cost per ounce decreasing. I sold half my holdings a couple weeks ago. Am waiting for a bounce to get out completely.

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