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  • charlie.54321 charlie.54321 Dec 16, 2010 9:46 AM Flag

    The manipulation continues...

    gold 3% from and AEM 12% from its high right now at 78.

    only 5500 hundred shares traded and these short raiders were allowed to move the stock down 3% (down 2.38). A convenient no uptick rule criminal practice allowed by the pretender regulator, the SEC.

    JPM, HSBC probably sold calls at 75 and stock expirations is tomorrow.

    And nothing has changed for AEM. Not one ounce of bad news.

    We make a bad trade, we pay with our hard earned money.

    JPM and HSBC make a bad trade and they use HFT and no uptick rule to push the stock down 3% on 5500 shares.

    And our pretender regulator, the SEC, looks the other way.

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    • Hey, I sold a 75 call figuring that tmw this stock will close just under 75 (or will trade that way during the day). The good thing about selling calls is that they always pay you at the strike price and if you get knocked out of your position you can always buy it back for more or less what your would've gotten if you had sold it when the option expired.

      About that manipulation, AEM has over 5% or it's shares sold short, that compares with about 3% for PAAS, 2.5% for SSRI and maybe 2% for NEM and about 1.5% for GG. That tells me this stock in particular was a target today (the day they tripled the dividend!!!) and is a bargin at these prices. Thank you powers that that they are.

    • A lacks SCC lets this happen. Big Money still rules.

    • was manipulated upward and will now be manipulated downward.

      That's how the market works!

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      • AEM expected to produce 1 million ounces at 900-1000 dollars in profit per ounce this year.

        Oh ,yes absolutely, no reason for AEM to be 87.50 two weeks ago.

        I hope you catch my sarcasm.

        This stock had a reason for being 87.50 to the tune of 260,000 ounces of gold PRODUCED in one quarter.

        They don't manipulate gold stocks up. When did that happen ? Show me.

        AEM only started moving up just prior to its godzilla quarter report of 260,000 ounces of production.

        And TPTB keep hammering it because it exposes their shennanigans in the dollar and in the stock market.

        What happens when they can't hide the weakness in the dollar anymore and the people realize shennanigans like today hid the weakness of fiat and the strength of gold and silver from them thru a pretender regulator called the CFTC and SEC.

        And JPM and HSBC which did naked shorting on physical gold to try and silence the canary in the coal mine with PAPER.

        Its a DELIBERATE deception and the inside traders make a mint.

        Even the Communist Chinese government tells its people to buy gold and silver.

    • All stocks are manipulated. As individual investors we're just along for the ride.

    • Yes. Total shenanigans here. Trading AEM is not for the faint of heart. Also, AEM made the IBD 100 list. So, the momentum traders have had their heads handed to them


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