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  • charlie.54321 charlie.54321 Mar 21, 2011 10:20 AM Flag

    the manipulation continues

    wonder how long these JPM and HSBC and GS shorts can keep this stock down.

    gold near its highs.
    AEM running on all cylinders.

    we aren't fooled.
    The action in the stock is not natural.

    All those ounces in the ground ignored.

    gold up .72% and AEM up only 1%.

    stifling the gold canary is what its all about. And allowing the top cats to buy in at bargain basement prices.

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    • see you 40-45.00 ????

    • these organized big shorts, JPMs, GSs ..., and hedgies have no shame.

      Whatever happened to gold leverage in the ground, all those ounces sitting there now worth more because the POG moved up.

      No, there is only leverage (100 to 1) when it comes to shorting the CFTC and stocks like AEM.

      Oh, I forgot the criminals don't think this way. The real value of the stock swept under the run by the criminalls phoney naked short action.

      they think we don't see.

      what a joke.

      the best gold stock always been dragged down.

      gold up 1% - aem up 1%
      gold even - aem down .5-1%
      gold down a little - aem down 1-3%
      gold down 1% - aem down 4+%

      Even the gold net over a week can be up 2% and then any little downward move ie. today, .14% down, and we see almost a 1% drop.

      Get off this stock morons.

      Can't wait to see your axxes fried to a crisp with 1600 dollar gold.

      always the downward trend, even though this stock is firing on all cylinders, except for the 50,000 ounces from the kitchen fire problem. But silver almost 40 - should balance out 25+ ounce cost increase and... those ounces will be dug up at higher net profit in the future.

      The gold trend is even swept under the rug and conveniently forgotten.

    • the manipulation continues.

      but we all know.

      thank god AEM did not have 3 pimples on its last earnings report.

      Stock would have been at 40 now.

      I like the double standard.
      AEM - two pimples that will easily be gone and stock haircut of 25%.

      GS and JPM and the rest of the syndicate has not only acne, but diseases in all organs. Even they have two sets of books.

      What is shown to the public and the books that are private. The private books show they are bankrupt.


    • this has to be the most manipulated stock there is.

      We see a dis-proportional move all the time down versus up.

      Gold still above 1420, even after all this manipulation for the Comex manipulation expiration.

      At this rate and insider trader manipulation, the gyration from 1410 to 1435, AEM could hit 50, even at gold 1430.

      The whole world sees the manipulation. No one is fooled.

      The question is what does the world do when it finds out that the gold stocks and the POG were constantly being manipulated down deliberately.

    • Where is the S.E.C.? How many other owners have stock options at drastic lower values?

    • also, I have heard that the hedge funds are long gold and short the pm stocks.

      We have "tomography" equipment, called our common sense, that looks deeply into AEM stock action and its clear hedge funds, inside traders and the HSBCs of the world are shorting this stock.

      If they can play with High Frequency Trading strategies they can box in the AEM price daily within the parameters they give to their black box algorithm strategies.

      we aren't stupid.

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      • they push gold down .09%

        They have it down this small amounts so they can justify some negative price in AEM.

        Like we don't know AEM is hitting on all cylinders and that gold is less han 1% from its highs.

        They seem to think we have forgotten these fundamental things upon which the AEM price should be gotten from.

        JPM etc... hiding gold from the masses. What happens when the masses find this out ? Deliberate trading, mostly naked shorts (to hide the short interest), to suppress the gold stocks in order to shut up the gold canary which is there to warn the masses of imminent financial troubles. And these banks are deliberately hiding this.

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