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  • options.watcher options.watcher May 3, 2011 5:50 PM Flag

    Great call...

    - Doubling capacity
    - New Tier Client OEM and Cloud OEM (not in guidance)
    - 2-4% GM increase in FY2012
    - OpInc increase in FY2012

    Also, Bloomberg and other printed the SSDs #s as Rev earlier, which triggered the selling in AH - it's been corrected.

    Target $20 ...

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    • Options.watcher, what's happening?!

      I'm having a heart attack!

      Option value cut in less than half!

      Where are the institutions and why is no one paying attention to the analyst reports?!

    • $20 !

    • That FirstAdopter site is awesome! Just wish the guy had more followers so the news could spread faster!

      Thanks for the insight-- I appreciate it.

      Sitting tight and holding strong!

    • LOL - no need to freak out. Read my post on the Conf Call notes, done by FirstAdopter - who is long but does a very thorough job of making the argument.

      Now - just think of all of those questions on the conf call, from all of those companies that are NOT covering OCZ now, but will be announcing their coverage for the stock shortly - perhaps as early as tomorrow!

      The big boys/institutions/buy-side firms/etc. are coming and I expect at least 1 before your call expires.

    • Yea, this is what I'm in:

      May 21 strike $7.50 @ 1.05
      June 2011 strike $7.50 @ 1.25

      Heavier position in the May contracts though. Yes, 2.5 more weeks but theta on the calls is nearly $0.05 which concerns me...

      Finally, what someone said earlier about the institutional buying is freaking me out too..

    • When the entire float turns over in 1 day and your are down 35-40% intra-day, you attract a lot of shorts and sell-side funds.

      They will be leaving shortly, starting tomorrow....but just as they entered, their exit will be turbulent.

      You still have 2.5 weeks on your calls right?


    • Thanks for the informative post. Most of what has been posted since the headlines came out has been 90% emotion and 10% misinformation. This is what creates opportunity for those who have the guts to ignore the drumbeat.

      • 1 Reply to tiger199519
      • CFO thanked investors invested in the company for the last year. apologized for mistyped numbers. He said that the company is working hard to put the money to work.

        This company is moving in an incredible speed executing their business plan. Every turn they did in the last six months starting from the private placement to the recent public offering appeared brilliant and decisive . I just can't think of how one can do any better than OCZ / Ryan. These two quarters transformed OCZ from near dead DRAM company into a well capticalized small company in a rapid growth phase in expoding SSD market.

        They have pricing advantage on 2xnm parts.

        They have leading edge products over competiters.

        I heard they will come out with Barefoot product of Indilinx in 2Q12.

        OCZ is definately a great growth story of few small growth companies.

    • That was one of the best calls I've ever listened to. I'm new to the board but I'll be buying more tomorrow if this dip in AH's is still there tomorrow morning.