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  • jimyaoli jimyaoli Jan 9, 2012 5:59 PM Flag

    Uhhh, this is not feeling/looking good.

    AHs action not looking positive if anything its pretty neutral or on the negative side. Regardless of what is said, at the end of the day its if people are willing to buy are not.

    If the boards are any indication of sentiment, seems like a lot of people loaded on are ready to sell instead of buy.

    I wish everyone luck, but logic says the heavy positioners are in trouble. Especially if they have to exit tomorrow.

    I'm sure there will be some people who will have a hard time sleeping tonight.

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    • So glad I got out yesterday. Wow this stock behavior just doen't change no matter how good the outlook. Some stocks are just bad stocks and this is one of them. I'm suprised it has any supporters after screwing its longs so bad. It just keeps happening over and over!

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      • Exactly....But this is to be expected of a stock w/ 40% shorts, volatility!!!

        Question is, when should we get back in? Wouldn't be surprised to see it take out the $6.50 low, considering the run from there was mostly coverings/buys expecting a blow out quarter. Perhaps low 6's a good level, keeping the lower lows intact?

        Going to have to rethink my long term thesis. Maybe half long, half short/mid term trades....Don't want to be left empty if a buy out comes along.

      • Idiots like myself keep coming back. They go away after huge losses and come back with new money to lose. It will have its day, but like we initially said way way back, it is when profits are cemented. Unfortunately this wasn't the earnings to bring us there.

        70+ institutional interest with 40% float short makes this one easy to trade but hard to hold.

        I'm 1k short now of 25k on my margin account. praying for 7.5 limit trade so I can stay alive w/o supplement cash.

    • I think we will break new levels within the current quarter. I think action today as I stated above was due to disappointment on the earnings.

      However things are setup for more upside. It hard to buy into a falling knife. It's easy to buy into a rally.

      Another way to say it is, short the falling knives buy the upside swings, stops are much easier to set.

    • Yup there goes 2 months of solid gains on good trades. 9k gone just like that.

      At least I trimmed a little in pre-market.

      It may or may not go up in the short term but, it would be stupid to risk it at this point so close to failure.

    • i agree , it is all about net profit, non-gaap !

    • Me too! The R&D expenses are totally justified for those two new controllers. I've been very impressed w/ what they have announced at storage visions & am waiting to hear about those TLC drives, hopefully @ CES. I like that they are focusing on new designs & increasing revenue, opposed to being worried about the bottom line. Earnings surprises will come w/ time. However, after the bumpy ride last year, I'm going to try the strategy of taking some profits & preserving capital. Going to try and see if I can take advantage of these short sellers....Plus I don't think I could take another Copperfield fiasco. (Thats what started all this ridiculous trading)

    • The increased R&D resulted in Everest 2 and Kilimanjaro. I'm ok with it.

      Analysts don't care about GAAP earnings. It's all about operating income and non-GAAP as long as there aren't any continual one-time charges.

    • shorts were hoping for a miss
      longs were hoping for a beat

      ocz reports inline, so everyone is angry

      you can't please anyone

    • I finally do like the direction the company is taking and it will see better days but my good sense got the best of me and I too decided to take a substantial profit made over the last week in the AH. Profit is profit and there are other places to go with my money short term that just look better. For fun I did keep a few call options I bought today just in case it makes a suprising run tomorrow. I'll be back on the next pullback as I never short or buy puts. I'm counting on this stock again to make me some money this year but I can't leave this kind of profit on the table. GLTA

    • I'm saying that the stock won't drop like it has in the past because those with a short position will cover over the next few months going into Q4 where OCZ will realize even more operating income ($.10/share).

      What exactly is your short thesis?

    • I have also mentioned why I think this not be the case tomorrow.

      +26% was enough to shake the short term shorts out and was probably the reason for the runup pre-earnings.

      Now pre-earnings also attracted a lot of longs looking to make it huge when the stock hits up to 10.

      If this will not happen (prob not b/c no blow up earnings w/ no new announcements), the high short float will not be called on margin, the longs will dumping and prompting more shorts to pile on.

      If you truely believe in short covering tomorrow I dare you to buy in AH, but I'm sure you must have some reservations which I believe is the general sentiment which is also why I believe we will go lower tomorrow.

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