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  • ddbikessamsara ddbikessamsara May 2, 2012 12:12 PM Flag

    Yahoo ALWAYS posts Motley Fool nonsense

    articles but they can't seem to get all the brokerage upgrades into the news headlines. If they weren't buying boatloads of OCZ drives I would boycott them!

    I had to buy some more shares today - this is just absurd. I have never seen a stock act like this in the face of overpowering good news, analyst upgrades etc. My best guess is the shorts are clearing out some at these prices with help from their crooked MM pals. What legitimate investor would actually be selling just when things are looking the best they ever have?

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    • Any publication from a group who calls themselves "fools" should be avoided at all cost. I edited my yahoo settings to not display motley fool articles. Motley fool is more concerned with sensationalism that informed analysis. If enough people edit their yahoo settings to not display fool articles, perhaps yahoo will discontinue posting them.