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  • dldcocoa dldcocoa May 3, 2012 1:53 PM Flag

    Watch for flurry of lawsuits

    Lawsuit what? There was NEVER any statement about a secondary being issued only in the event of a large customer win. The wording was "significant market opportunity".

    Guess what - they have guided to a revenue number $300 million HIGHER than this year's revenue. That sounds like a significant market opportunity to me.

    They guided to Q4 sales between $105-120 million. They hit square in the range.
    They guided Q4 gross margin to be between 23.5- 25.5 % They hit square in the range.

    They announced the R4 launch costs well ahead of Q4 close and advised the analysts to update their models.

    They have clearly and repeatedly announced EVERYTHING. Not to mention plastered the Safe Harbor language all over every PR and call they have ever made.

    If there are any lawsuits it should be against the market makers who blatantly manipulate the stock.

    Nothing I hate more than crybabies who constantly point the finger at someone else. The market is a crapshoot in the best of circumstances and if you can't stomach the risk don't buy. OCZ is firing on all cylinders and if one can't see that and gets scared off by the oldest shake-out tactics in the books one deserves to lose money.

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