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  • melegant99 melegant99 May 17, 2012 4:03 PM Flag

    i'd say we held up pretty well

    markets getting hammered. t-minus 30 some odd points until s@p correction. let's just get it over with.

    though it if keeps falling....
    bear market time. ugh.


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    • i agree, but its very scary how this thing can just drop suddenly without reason... its as if we start crawling, then walking, then when we start to run we get hit with a bat and then schemp comes out and says told you so.

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      • lol. shemp.

        well. you had to think the thin volume on that run up to 5.80 was going to bite us. i told myself a few times to sell but for right now not going to try and play it. if we get a multi day up with some volume then it should hold. there is EVERY reason on earth right now that this thing could have gone below 5.00 today but it that is worth something.

        it just looks like ppl keep collecting shares down here. chart looks like a cup setup to me...we are kinda bouncing along the bottom..maybe we get a candlestick that dips down in the mid 4's but i am hoping that is an intra day thing.

        pull it back and look at the weekly. count the weeks down the left side of the cup, make that the # of weeks along the bottom of the cup...let's say 6 weeks to go...put's us at or around earnings, then the right side of the cup THEN I AM GETTING THE HECK OUT OF THIS STOCK PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECE BOYUEEEEE


    • honestly i can't see us going any lower than 4ish like lexisnexis said. now if we can get some covering to bump us back to 5.50