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  • xtradersdotnet xtradersdotnet Jul 23, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    Going to be $7.75 by close or MORE

    yes they would but the sept 8 just cost to much, and if a buyout happens most news stories i read are saying 1-1.5 billion, thats a shareprice of 11-16

    i am not trying to say nothing, pump or what ever just saying looking at the news this is the number thats being thrown around. The whole reason you buy OTM calls is speculation, but one of the main reasons i did is a few days ago (look on my posts) someone bought 75000 of options on a bet that if the stock trades between 8-11 they lose money if it goes up past 11 they make money,

    so i think that someone knows something or they would never place a bet like that and lose 75000.

    generally i do agree that the sept 8 are better than the aug 10's always ITM are better, but the august 10 are just a bet not a investment and the sept 8's are 65 vs aug 10 @ 15

    BTW i also have sept 8's i bought a few weeks ago