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  • ActiveAssets ActiveAssets Jul 27, 2012 4:48 PM Flag


    Well I'm sitting on 16,000 common shares at $5.14. If the rumors are true, the deal would be cash and stock worth approximately $15 per share. I'm not sure if I want to wait for the announcement because we could see a drop in STX shares on Tuesday. I'm thinking that if the short squeeze get this thing above $14, I may sell all pre-announcement so I don't have to deal with STX shares.

    But I doubt it will get that high. But if it does, any other longs thinking about liquidation then also?

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    • im thinking similarly, at least that I want to own seagate shares but their shareholders might sell off on the news...

      i'm looking to buy seagate lower even though I think they are extremely undervalued now. (have you seen their PE?? and they are approaching $10/share EPS soon)

      Seagate + OCZ is a company I want to own

    • If you sell on Monday, prior to the alleged announcement after the close, you will likely be selling for seven or eight bucks. There will be no run up on the mere possibility of a buyout. The purported $14 value wouldn't come until Tuesday. Seagate shares have already run up on the strength of WDC earnings, so they will most likely drop somewhat post report.

    • my thinking is to stay with Seagate.. Buying OCZ will take seagate to moon.. I might sell some but will stay with seagate.