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  • digitalnewsman digitalnewsman Jul 30, 2012 11:40 PM Flag

    Who is O'Malley referring to?

    significant share of enterprise market does not mean dominant nor majority, it means the opposite of insignificant share....ocz has 20 percent of the enterprise market, and growing, and 20 percent and growing is not insignificant, therefore it is fair to say ocz has a significant share of the enterprise market...

    as for profitability, he never implied they were only interested in acquiring a firm with a profitable business, he said there is only one which is profitable (at this stage)....

    an intelligent person would realize ocz was the subject in question, as the news story made clear, and neither of his two responses disqualified ocz from the stx interest in acquisition...

    the fact the reuters reporter took the rumors of the buyout of ocz seriously and made that issue the vocal point of the story, and the fact the cfo went on record on the issue of ocz is also noteworthy.