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  • bozo2600 bozo2600 Aug 1, 2012 11:09 AM Flag

    WHY ISN'T STX denying rumors of buying OCZ ??

    Companies deny rumors all the time

    Here is one from today

    Lenovo executive denies interest in Nokia acquisition, Reuters reports
    A Lenovo executive denied rumors the company is in talks to acquire Nokia (NOK), calling the speculation "a joke," Reuters reports.

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    • Seagates CFO already publically stated they are looking to buy SSD companies w/ enterprise tech.

      Market cap rules out Fusion.

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      • OCZ is working on MSFT very hard,,,,, STX may see this as a way to up graDE THE cALL CENTER BUSINESS. FROM the call-----In regards to significant customer news, WE confirmed that we are expecting Microsoft deployments across a number of discrete opportunities around our Deneva 2 SATA products, our Talos SAS drives and our Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD. And this could be material to our business in the near-term and we believe that Microsoft could grow to become one of our most significant clients. There are numerous opportunities at Microsoft. I do believe that we're currently engaged in six sizable for us opportunities, probably four to five of which we expect to win in the short term, hopefully as a sole source. And some of them we've won already. *** In regards to growth of our customer base, I'll simply state this time that we're extremely pleased with the continuing development. From consumers to OEMs and enterprises, we continue to gain meaningful traction. The company continues to benefit from the transition towards higher-margin SSDs. F1Q13 July 10- Hinted about a potential near-term NAND flash manufacturer and Art Knapp sated’’ it's clearly a game changer for us a game changer…”

    • My guess is that OCZ is trying to lever a reported offer of $1.14 billion from STX into even more from STX or another potential suitor. Lack of confirmation one way or the other from the companies should be all the info you need.

    • My view is that a deal was discussed but couldn't b agreed on..