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  • xtradersdotnet xtradersdotnet Sep 28, 2012 2:45 PM Flag

    ok here is a theroy of erics article and i know this will be a very high debate so i will only post once..

    i am not going to argue with anyone so this will be my only post so here it is

    yesterday this came out

    "OCZ Technology Group (NASDAQ:OCZ) shares on Friday are back where they were on Wednesday as a “highly reliable source close to Seagate” informed Eric Savitz late Thursday that Seagate Technology (NASDAQ:STX) will not purchase OCZ after all. Shares of the latter were up more than 10 percent on a report in The Register that a sale was close during the summer."

    now according to other sources (theo and a few others) they state that the price went go high to fast when buyout rumors hit and that killed the deal as it was based on a muliplier.

    so now if OCZ starts shooting up again then STX have the same problem so why not put stoies out there that they are not buying them, that keeps the share price at a lower level and one day you will wake up and BAM buyout and its over...

    what better way for STX or someone else to keep the price down so they can also accumilate shares while all that is known and can be heald accountble for insider info is a "SOURCE"

    Just thowing this out there and i will not be posting again on this topic... but will be reading the entertaining responses to it..

    Remember this also STX has not denied any thing even when they were asked about it yesteday they basiclly said "no comment"

    ohh and does area 51 really have aliens in it:(just throwing it out there haha) pls dont answer that ?

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    • The bottomline - RP screwed up everything - thought he selling his company - stopped all auto-selling of stock since April - stopped buying NAND on his dime - THEN Got greedy and the deal fell through with no nand to use. Only time will tell.

    • Look, anything is possible, but I don't think this is too likely. I think people need to recognize that lots of mergers come close to completion - but never happen. The reasons are enormous and vary tremendously. If there is bad blood, numbers and logic can be set aside and emotions and egos can win. Ryan was probably an #$%$ to STX and they walked. They also probably decided to go another direction with their SSD ventures. It seems they seem to be focused primarily now on a partnership with Samsung.

      I don't think they are going to revisit the OCZ option. I think it's done. I've felt that it was very unlikely since that investor day call.

    • Sounds good....The only thing I fear is accounting fraud....Then RP will/should be in jail
      Aliens got moved to Dayton Ohio...............

    • "now according to other sources (theo and a few others) they state that the price went go high to fast when buyout rumors hit and that killed the deal as it was based on a muliplier."

      theo said the buyout price was 1.15 billion! the highest ocz EVER got was $8.40 in premarket! this would be approx 2 times that number so wth??? give it a rest it is all bullshi....

      • 1 Reply to pipster1234
      • i tend not to believe this either. however, using the AH stock price as an example to a possible rumered sale price as an example is weak. The only time a share price goes right to the sale price is when a deal is announced done by the co's .... what we saw there were people taking a risk for a reward that was based on rumur ... and to answer your question the other day .. Yes I do know things are being leaked. but why couldn't the forbes article been the leak and people got out knowing the piece was coming out yesterday. more rumur ! .... remember, it's the uncertainty right now .. make that go away and we start the healing . It's always about the uncertainty . look at the overall economy and Eroupe . spikes everywhich way due to rumurs .. when the longterm solution it put into place no matter what it is in Eroupe ... we will see the beginning of the healing for good. No QE, No artificial interest rates to fool all.

        Just honest visibility and tough non-political decision making .. thats what the world needs !!!!

        I'm done .. thanks