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  • xtradersdotnet xtradersdotnet Oct 16, 2012 9:28 PM Flag


    All right pippy as much as it pains me to say it and it is painfull, i would rather go to the dentist and get my teeth pulled, but i will give credit for where its due.. so for that ummm....

    for the most part you have been right on OCZ, now is not the time for a could of, should of, would of, see i told you soo ect... whats done is done and there is no going back and changing what happend.

    going foward what stragity would u do to try and recover your money, i dont have the capital i used to ( i know i know) and my account does not allow me to short so what do i buy as many puts as i can? if they go BK then dont those puts expire worthless?

    either way what do you think can be done for a former long to try and make his money back or at least some of it.

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    • I didn't bump this thread, but was glad to see it. I remember when it crossed the board and the sinking feeling I had while reading it. Xtrader's debate with Pip was hard fought, and it took a lot of guts to write that post. I gained a lot of respect for xtrader that day.

      I saw he actually posted on the OCZ board the other day, so it's nice to know he is still watching. Xtrader if you read this good luck to you and happy holidays.

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      • Thank-u hornice,

        happy holidays to you and your family too. Oh Stocktwits banned my account so you wont find me there anymore. I got into an disagrement with one of thier admins and well long story but ill still be trolling here and there, on this board and AMRN for now. To bad you cant Buddy or follow someone in YMB.

        Yes i will always give credit where its due, i dont post cause i get tired of the childish behavoir though, that is still rampent even with the person named so i got tired of playing the games. Just becuase someone may be right on a call does not mean they can still act like a child... anyway thanks for the well wishes, today may be my biggest investment day ever, AMRN has huge news that can push the stock up over 50+% today and i am heavly loaded. if not then i still have trades that take it out a few months. If AMRN delivers today (well the FDA really) then ill be back in OCZ to ride it and see where it goes as ill have so much profit that i wont mind buying 10-20k shares.

        Oh santa come early for papa...


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    • You came here to ask investment advise from piptard? LOL

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    • piptard stands on the dock when the ships dock with his #$%$ in the air,so don't try to act like you were ever long you little punk.

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    • never bet the whole farm one way or the other. it is always wise to have some sort of net. is it to late to cast one out now?

      i honestly don't know, without seeing earnings this is a very hard call. honestly i would sell all my shares, buy a put/call spread out to 2013 and pray for the best.

      you can get $136 per 100 right now. to put in a $1 spread cost you $0.95 if it goes to zero you are up the $0.65 the call cost. is it goes past $1.35 you are up the cost of the put. but in both cases you pocketed the 36 bucks without any headache of losing everything.

      btw if it goes bk your puts still active you can exercise or just sell.