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  • geekcomputing geekcomputing Nov 16, 2012 9:17 AM Flag

    Why didn't we get a pop from yesterday's conference?

    The company came out during the conference and said they will have to raise more capital. Most likely through dilution. Reading through the lines they have basically given up on consumer.. sure they are saying they will fight it out in the 'high end' but long term thats a losing battle as your going up against the very nand manufactures. OCZ knows this and is trying to switch over to enterprise.

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    • so because they are going with most likely 2 high performance models instead of 25 you believe they are giving up on consumer? you make absolutely no sense just look at every other ssd manufacturer that makes ssds in the consumer space.. samsung for example only had the 830 and now and they have 2 840 models. Based on your theory every manufacturer is giving up on consumer lol OCZ knows they cant compete with the nand suppliers for value ssds but believe their IP will warrant the price premium for their drives such as the V4 and Vector. Its pretty clear the 2 main drives everyone is buying today are the V4s and Samsungs.. Intel Corsair Sandisk and Crucial have all fallen off

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